6 Tips for Using Infographics in Your Email Marketing Campaign

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As a fellow marketer, you definitely know how stagnant email marketing may get sometimes. Moreover, the frustration of a high unsubscription rate or even lack of new subscribers is not new. Do you find yourself wondering what’s missing from your email marketing strategy?

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What about infographics?

Texts that are long and difficult are rarely read all the way through. Email newsletters with a lot of material must be structured in a simple and understandable way for the reader. Converting text data into infographics is the solution.

An infographic may be one of the most powerful additions to your email marketing campaign, greatly increasing its efficacy.

Do you know that our brain is drawn to visual stimuli more than anything else? According to studies, nonverbal communication accounts for 93% of all communication. You will obtain at least 94 percent more views if you use photos in your post. 

Furthermore, take a look at social media; practically all of the material is visual.

In this article, we will give your 6 tips for using infographics in your email marketing campaign. However, first, let us see why use infographics in the first place. 

Why Use Infographics in your Email Marketing Campaign?

The average email open rate varies depending on the sector, audience involvement, and the size of a company’s following. 

Unfortunately, studies reveal that if shops don’t meet the objective in their efforts, roughly 44% of subscribers believe they get too many emails. And, as you’ve surely heard, the average human reaction time has shrunk to just 8 seconds, which is less than that of a goldfish. 

So, how are you going to maintain your subscribers and gain more? 

Grab their attention.

Infographics are a type of visual representation of data that uses icons, photos,  graphs, diagrams, charts, and maps to graphically convey complicated facts in a simple and clear way. It may take a little longer to design one than it does to write plain text, but the perks of using infographics in emails are simply too great.

6 Tips for Using Infographics in Your Email Marketing Campaign

Here are 6 tips for using infographics in your email marketing. 

  1. Create an eye-catching subject
  2. Use Klaviyo alternatives
  3. Highlight all relevant information
  4. Create mobile-friendly designs
  5. Combine infographics with text
  6. Personalize the landing page

Read on to learn more about how you can make your email marketing better. 

1 – Create an eye-catching subject

What good is all this infographic wizardry if nobody sees it? Nothing will work if your open rate is really low. To attract the majority of your viewers, you must start with a great, eye-catching subject line.

Here are a few examples of creative subjects lines that you can try.

  • Use these exclusive tips to enhance your [keyword]
  • Don’t trust the earliest [keyword] myths
  • Don’t squander your time! Take a look at these [keyword] facts

These are just examples to help you learn how to develop an appealing subject line that will capture the attention of your readers. Put your imagination to work. Free ‘headline analyzer tools’ are available online for you to utilize. Simply compose your topic line and assess its appeal.

2 – Use Klaviyo alternatives

Klaviyo is a unique e-commerce solution. Their sophisticated segmentation integrates commercial and behavioral data. This enables advertisers to offer relevant and customized content while also allowing them to leverage existing sections for Facebook Ad campaigns.

It’s like if you have a virtual salesman following you throughout the store using their website web-tracking tool. Depending on their behaviors, you may deliver appropriate messages to groups or individuals.

Each Klaviyo email will reveal the number of individuals that visited your eCommerce site as a result of the email, as well as conversions and the time of day when open rates were greatest, so you can modify your email marketing approach accordingly.

However, it is expensive and you may not need all the features that come with the subscription. 

The best klaviyo alternatives can offer you similar services at reduced prices. Moreover, you can select the features you want and pay for just those. 

It’s a good idea to explore Klaviyo alternatives since, as your company grows, you might not need all of the data it provides. It’s also not the ideal option if you’re a freelancer or a personal consultant.

3 – Highlight all relevant information

Infographics are an excellent way to deliver the most crucial information to your audience. Pictures, charts, graphs, and schemes, among other graphic components, make it simpler to grasp and assimilate complicated information. 

You may add a small fun visual aspect and highlight the most essential facts in a brief infographic instead of delivering a long email with uninteresting facts in text format. If you end your email with a call to action, your recipients will most likely want to click it.

By including infographics in your email, you’re also adhering to the KISS principle, which is highly regarded among marketing strategy professionals

To avoid your email being too long, keep it brief and concise, as seen in the email best practices infographics. If your company needs both infographics and personalized email design, you might want to explore hiring graphic design firms on a regular basis to create images for you.

4 – Create mobile-friendly designs

Mobile responsiveness is the most crucial guideline of email design. Your customers check their mailboxes on their mobile devices, and if your email isn’t optimized for their displays, they won’t read it. 

Picktokart’s infographic maker is a great way to design a mobile-friendly infographic in just a few minutes. You can make stunning infographics and even convert difficult data into graphs for easier comprehension. Furthermore, you may try the infographic maker for free to determine whether it meets your needs. 

However, if you want to design it on your own, stick to the fundamentals of HTML email layout, you should be alright.

5 – Combine infographics with text

Furthermore, it is critical to offer the audience a description of how to interpret the data shown in the infographic emails. The displayed information will be misinterpreted and worthless for the target audience if it is not explained. 

To avoid this issue, we recommend constantly addressing the tables, diagrams, or charts in the previous paragraph to ensure that the information presented there is remembered and the readers’ curiosity is piqued.

Additionally, use a title that accurately reflects the general information presented on this topic. Remember that the table title goes above it, while the titles of charts and graphs go below it.

Personalize the landing page

The final step of your marketing email campaign is a landing page. All of your efforts will go for naught if it is not appropriately optimized for targeted visitors. As a result, your challenge is to create the landing page as appealing, informative, and trustworthy as possible.

Also bear in mind that one of the most effective strategies to convert your visitors is through tailored marketing.

Instead of using a generic landing page, customize it keeping your target audience in mind. It will help you become closer to a client and psychologically interact with them. It is without a doubt one of the most brilliant strategies ever devised.

Wrapping Up 

Email marketing is a cost-effective and powerful way to attract targeted visitors to your website. 

However, if you’ve ever done any email marketing before, you’re well aware of the drawbacks. Its open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate are all quite poor.

All of these flaws, however, may be remedied using the tactics and suggestions we’ve mentioned in this article.

Create an eye-catching subject line to improve the poor opening rate.

Use visual material, such as an infographic, in a clever way to enhance the click-through rate.

Finally, employ an equally interesting, informative, and tailored landing page with enough material to convert them straight away to raise your total conversion rate.

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