A Simple Guide To Shopify Chatbots And How To Use Them

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Technology is moving quickly, and businesses need to move with it to stay at the top. But various pieces of technology come up every day. It can be challenging to decide what technology is worth adopting for your business. You may find yourself thinking about adopting a chatbot.
A Simple Guide To Shopify Chatbots And How To Use Them

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Chatbots cross almost every retailer’s mind today. Shopify stores and other online retailers need chatbots even more than businesses with physical locations. As an online retailer, this article will help you understand what a Shopify chatbot is and how you can use it to boost your sales.

Here’s everything you should know.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a robot programmed to interact with customers on a business website or app. It uses artificial intelligence technology to read and understand customer queries then respond to them. Chatbots are mainly used for assistance work in business and sometimes entertainment.

An AI chatbot is an essential tool for your Shopify store’s website. It will process information that a customer types into the chat window. For instance, it can use keywords to find details in the customer’s text then search for related content in the business databases to find the desired product from your store.

As said earlier, technology is advancing almost every day. This has seen chatbots advance to using natural language processing systems. The system is a mixture of artificial intelligence, linguistics, computer science, and information engineering to derive user intentions.

An AI chatbot that uses a natural language processing system can help you provide better customer experiences. Customers prefer online stores that offer personalized answers to their questions. You can do that by having a Shopify chatbot that uses artificial intelligence.

Ensure you research well before settling on a Shopify chatbot. It will make it easy to choose one that will boost customer experiences and increase conversions. In the end, you’ll have many loyal customers who trust your business and the products you sell.

How Do Chatbots Work?

Now you know what a Shopify chatbot is; the next step is to understand how it works. Well, a chatbot is like any other application. They are, however, made with AI functionalities and trained using natural language processing. Any well-constructed Shopify chatbot must have gone through these steps.

A Shopify chatbot is programmed before releasing it on a website. You can build a Shopify chatbot and train it to answer specific user queries accurately. However, it’s better to go for a well-constructed Shopify chatbot to save some time and effort in building one.

Chatbot apps serve different functions compared to other apps used in business today. For instance, they help enterprises read user intent and engage customers. This helps them improve service quality, save on costs and increase customer retention.

Chatbots are intelligent, and users don’t need to explain what they need in detail. They read a user’s text, analyze it, then find the most appropriate response. You can also train a chatbot to ensure it has the latest information. Training a chatbot is faster and easier than a human.

After training, the chatbot becomes familiar with your Shopify store’s database. Then it can instantly start handling customer questions and feedback. In addition, chatbots learn over time, meaning their response to questions gets better with time as it takes more customer queries.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are different kinds of chatbot apps. The bot you adopt for your business will depend on the needs and preferences of your Shopify store. Thus, you’ll need to choose what best fits your requirements from the following types of chatbots;

  • Voice-enabled chatbots
  • Standalone chatbots
  • Service/action chatbots
  • Messenger chatbots
  • Context-enabled chatbots

Comparing various alternatives can help you find the best chatbot for your needs. You can use online reviews for comparisons. This will guide you on the types, platforms they use, and the cost of acquiring them.

What Can Chatbots be Used For?

We’re sure what we’ve discussed has already fueled your imagination. You probably can’t wait to know how to use chatbots to take your business to the next level. In this section, we explore the various uses you can put your Shopify chatbots into after deploying them.

  • Gathering data and analyzing it
  • Answering customer questions
  • Enhancing business productivity
  • Acting as a source of entertainment
  • Automating various workflows
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Scheduling and appointment making
  • Streamlining product purchases

Those are the benefits your business can get from a Shopify chatbot. As a business owner, you can see that a chatbot is worth adopting today. You can take your time to research and find the best chatbot app. That will make it easy for your business to experience all these benefits.

How Do You Use Chatbots for Marketing?

Shopify Chatbots

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Marketing is one of the business aspects that have benefited significantly from chatbots. You can automate marketing functions by adopting a Shopify chatbot today. Chatbot apps improve online marketing in four significant ways:

  • They boost customer engagement – Chatbots are fast and available to interact with customers any time of the day or night. By engaging your customers, you can increase the leads and potential buyers. But you need a chatbot designed for lead generation to ensure faster qualification and conversions.
  • Adding personalization – Customers feel appreciated when businesses personalize their messages. Chatbots use AI to personalize every message they send to customers. This makes it easy to evoke emotions and make customers trust your brand even more.
  • Syncing with other apps – You can use your chatbot with other messaging applications. For instance, messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger are vital for businesses. It will be easier to handle customers on all these platforms if you integrate them with a bot.
  • Increasing productivity – Marketers require various tools to improve their productivity. Chatbots, for instance, are perfect for boosting workflows and ensuring better productivity. Thanks to their scheduling capabilities, bots also help markets stay organized and avoid forgetting to respond to customers as agreed.

Those are the four main ways a Shopify chatbot can help enhance your marketing. The kind of experience these apps provide can help increase customer trust in your business. They can also help boost credibility, ensuring many people transact with your business.


This post has discussed all you need to know about Shopify chatbots. As a Shopify store owner, you can take your business to the next level using a chatbot. The insights shared in this article will help you make the most of bots to improve your marketing and increase your sales volume.

For a startup, you can start by using a free chatbot. That will help keep your marketing and lead generation budgets low while maximizing profits. In short, a chatbot is vital for online retailers, especially Shopify stores. Consider deploying a chatbot app today if you run a Shopify store.

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