Bi-Monthly Billing for Google Ads Management

Because the Lunar Calendar (12 months) Isn't Perfect for Everything

Google Ads Management Billing Cycles

Thanks to the lunar calendar, most services are completed and charged 12 times per year. But I’ve found that 12 times per year or once every 30 days isn’t always the most efficient time period to manage an Google Ads account.

Sure – in the beginning it makes sense to watch Google Ads campaigns very closely – probably multiple times per week to make observations and adjustments. But after an account has been optimized and running for over 12 months with little new growth in ad groups and campaigns, it may not be necessary to look in on the account every 30 days.

You definitely want a professional manager to maintain the account, but it’s very likely that 6 times per year or even 4 times per year will do.

Many agencies won’t recommend this because they want to bill you every 30 days and keep their revenue steady, but the truth is – in many accounts there is less work to do over time.

So for my clients where this is the case I offer bi-monthly and quarterly billing…

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