Everything You Need to Know About Audios and Videos Screen Recording on Mac

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Everything You Need to Know About Audios and Videos Screen Recording on Mac

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A vivid example is a screen recorder for Mac. Such apps and built-in features help marketers, IT specialists, students, scholars, and even parents to capture audios and videos with a few keystrokes. They can be used for leaving feedback, recording lectures, YouTube tutorials, important business meetings, and even activities of your children. Below we will explain how to make a screen record on Mac and what applications to choose.

How to Record Screen on Mac

There are two ways you can capture a screen on Mac: with a built-in feature (for Mac Mojave and higher) or using QuickTime. 

Native screen recording:

  • Press Command + Shift + 5 
  • Choose whether you need to record the whole screen, a window, or a particular section. If not selected, the entire screen will be captured by default
  • Press Stop to finish the recording
  • The recording will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click it and save it to the required folder

QuickTime screen recording:

  • Open QuickTime
  • Choose File > New Screen Recording
  • To start recording, press Record (red button)
  • Press the Record button again to stop
  • To save the file, press File > Save

As you see, it is extremely easy to capture audio and video on Mac. And another reason to love this operating system: unlike Windows, it has a built-in recording feature and doesn’t require mastering PowerPoint or using the Xbox Game Bar.

The Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

With the help of the programs below, you can make the recording process simple, convenient, and fast. Plus, edit the files to your taste in no time.

1. Loom

Beginners will surely appreciate Loom for its user-friendly interface. This software allows recording audio and video on Mac and then sharing the files with others. For better privacy, set a password on every link you share. Loom also offers a few standard editing features, including adding thumbnails and CTAs.

2. Movavi Screen Recorder

When choosing a screen recorder, Mac owners need top-notch functionality, great design, and convenience of use. And Movavi has it all! It is good for capturing Skype calls, webinars, lectures, and even live streams. You can get familiar with the software in a free trial mode and then purchase a lifetime license for $52.95 or a subscription for $37.95 per year.

3. OBS Studio

In the beginning, Open Broadcaster Software Studio was created for gamers and streamers who needed fast and clear videos without interruptions. However, nowadays, this tool is used by users worldwide, not depending on their age and occupation. OBS offers great post-production instruments: customizable transitions, muting side audios, and lots of tools for editing. The only significant disadvantage of this program is that it may be difficult to understand if you are new to screen recording software.

4. Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream is a simple and convenient free screen recorder both for individuals and international teams. It supports 50 languages and allows capturing lectures, Skype calls, Zoom meetings, games, and much more. Users can add their own watermarks, choose the video quality, set timers, and use a bunch of other impressive activities. Without paying a cent!

5. SnagIt

If you are not satisfied with the limited functionality of free screen recorders, try SnagIt. For $62.99, users get a lifetime license and one year of maintenance, as well as access to English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and a few other SnagIt versions. Snagit maintenance costs $12.60 per year and includes free upgrade to newer versions, phone and chat support, volume discount, and access to 20+ SnagIt certification videos with training sessions and tutorials. With this software, you can capture anything.

Final Thoughts

Capturing videos and storing them in your Mac’s memory is more than useful. You can review the information when needed and share files without missing anything out. To do it, just use a built-in feature or QuickTime. But if you want to get a better quality and a chance to edit files, we recommend choosing one of the programs discussed above.

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