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How to Have a Popular YouTube Channel Without Violating Copyright Rules

Sep 5, 2022 | Tools & Services | 0 comments

Many content creators forget about or are ignorant about copyright rules on YouTube. Spending your time and energy to make a YouTube video only to be told that you cannot use it is a travesty. If you violate YouTube copyright rules, you can be sure there will be consequences.

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Shortcuts and hacks may seem like the best option in the short term, but they will cost you in the long run. Remember that if you get three strikes on your YouTube channel for copyright infringement, your channel will be closed for good. You can still have a popular YouTube Channel without violating copyright rules. 

Read on to find out how

Know Who Owns The Copyright

If you don’t want to violate YouTube copyright rules, you should know who owns the copyright. It is very straightforward: you own the copyright if you create an original YouTube video. However, when you add foreign elements to your YouTube videos, issues usually arise. 

Therefore, you should be very careful when posting a YouTube video or embedding one on your site. If you plan to upload any content made by someone else on YouTube, you need their permission, or else you will be violating copyright rules. 

Once someone creates content on YouTube, they also create the copyright, and there is no renewal process meaning the copyright lives with the creator. 

Use No-Copyrighted Material

To have a popular channel with no copyright violations, you should use non-copyrighted material. You bypass having to ask a content creator for their permission if you use content without any intellectual property rights. You will find a lot of content online posted for free, which anyone can use. 

For example, it is best to use background videos with no copyright if you are making a video with speech only. That way, you can still make the video without paying anyone or asking for permission. Finding such material may take some searching, but it is worth not violating YouTube copyright rules.

Know The Consequences

The best thing you can do to not infringe on YouTube’s copyright rules is to learn what will happen if you violate them. Punishment is a huge motivator, and you cannot claim innocence if you violate copyright rules on YouTube. 

When content creator finds content on your channel that belongs to them, they will send a complaint to YouTube. YouTube will take down the video and issue you with a copyright strike. 

YouTube also has a content ID match that automatically recognizes every content that violates copyright rules. YouTube can issue a strike on your channel without a content creator reporting it. After three strikes, your channel will be permanently closed.

No Profit Is Not An Excuse

Many content creators on YouTube will make the mistake of thinking because they are not profiting from a video, they can use someone else’s content. The profit motive is irrelevant when violating YouTube’s copyright rules and will still result in a channel strike. Even if you use the content for video content marketing and have to pay for it, you will still be in violation of copyright laws. 

It would be best if you always asked for permission before using someone else’s content. They may allow you to use the content only if you do not monetize the video. They may also ask for a share of the profit. It is better to share than to have your video and channel banned for copyright infringement. 

Understand YouTube’s Fair Rules Policies

YouTube’s fair use policies are complicated. There are many misconceptions that content creators have about YouTube’s fair use policies which causes them to violate copyright rules without knowing. 

Therefore, it is in your best interest to understand the fair rules policies to ensure you abide by them as well as you can. The difference between what YouTube considers fair rules and misconceptions can be small, which is why it is so important to know the policies. The most important thing to know regarding YouTube’s fair rules is that you do not decide fair rules; YouTube does.

Clear The Table

If you receive a copyright violation on YouTube, it would be best to wipe the slate clean. To do that, you can appeal a copyright violation strike with a copyright counter-notification. However, you should only issue the notification if you are sure you are right. 

Otherwise, it would be best to wait for the strike to expire. The content creator whose copyright rules you infringed will get a notification once YouTube issues a strike. At that point, they can decide to sue you for copyright infringement, or you can come to an agreement about it. It is usually better to settle matters with the copyright holder than deal with YouTube. 

YouTube is the largest site in the world, and with so many people creating content, it is challenging not to violate copyright rules. The above tips should help you have a channel with little to no copyright violations. The best way to avoid violating the rules is to know them and the consequences of breaking them.

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