Web Developer is One of the Highest Paying Jobs in Houston

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Houston is a great state to live, start a career, and establish one’s life. It is a progressive region with many opportunities for educated professionals.

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The average salaries here may seem lower compared to other states, but they represent the price of living. So naturally, a well-paid profession will demand expertise and education. This article will review the highest-paying jobs and opportunities in Houston.

In Houston, the average salary is about $62,000 a year. People with salaries above $80,000 can live comfortably, and a salary over $100,000 is undoubtedly high. The list in this article is dedicated to the professions that earn over $100,000 a year. If you have relevant expertise and are looking for a job like one of these, find professional resume writers in Houston to give you a hand with the application.    

Computer and Information Research Scientist

The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing fields, and there is no wonder why high-competence jobs here get the appropriate compensation. People in such professions are responsible for processing, interpreting, and using data in companies. The position requires technical education and coding, which is why it is a challenging intellectual occupation.  

Computer and Information Systems Manager

It is another high-paying job in the IT industry. People in this position are challenged to maintain the functionality of the website’s smooth rock and the information systems they are dealing with. Similarly, this profession calls for solid technical knowledge. However, in this case, a professional must also have decision-making and managerial skills to use them in critical situations. 

Web Developer

Web Developer is one of the in-demand jobs these days. In an evolving digital world, web developers are valuable to most businesses that want to establish an online presence by creating an innovative website. Website developers need a variety of skills that can create great ideas. They are good at computer language coding, solving problems, and finding solutions for a business. This is why they are one of the highest-paying jobs in Houston and around the globe.

Petroleum Engineer

This industrial job is crucial for the energetic security of the country. Petroleum engineers help to find and extract gas to cover the country’s energy needs. This profession is intellectually and physically challenging since one has to know how to handle the mechanics of the gas extraction processes and participate in this process personally. 


The popularity of a skilled and experienced dentist will never fade, and dental problems are something nobody can avoid. The prices for dental services are high, and so must be the doctor’s expertise. The profession of a dentist is demanded and demanding. Most people in this profession have a regular customer base, which gives them profit and reputation. 


A lawyer’s career is another way for educated professionals to thrive financially. The median annual salary of US lawyers was $135,740 in 2022, and the analysis of what type of lawyers make the most money shows that the top 3 highest-paid are healthcare, patent, and corporate law. A lawyer is responsible for representing their individual and corporate clients in court and supporting them with legal matters. Essentially, their job is to help their clients to navigate the law. A lawyer’s practice requires a license and constant learning about recent cases to maintain professional relevance and help clients achieve more. 

Financial Manager

People who know how to handle money get paid well, which is why the profession of a financial manager is among such jobs in Houston. The responsibilities of a financial manager include budgeting projects, making decisions on investments, and interacting with current and potential investments in the company they represent. Usually, the company finances broadly depend on the manager, which is why this job is paid so well. 

Family Medicine Physician

This is another medical profession in high demand in Houston and across the United States in general. The job of a family medicine physician is to keep their clients healthy. Such doctors usually service entire families, so it is crucial to gain their trust to perform best. An experienced doctor with client families that trust them will earn sufficient sums yearly. 

Chemical Engineer

This is another occupation that pushes forward technological progress. This profession requires biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics knowledge to solve problems and develop new drugs. Chemical engineers also work in food production. Their expertise is extensive and challenging, so people in this profession are compensated well.  

Architectural and Engineering Manager

This profession is responsible for erecting new buildings in the city’s landscapes. Moreover, they are accountable for the erected building not falling and keeping the people inside and around the building safe. This profession is demanding intellectually and emotionally, as the price of a mistake in this job is huge. It requires profound expertise and creativity to develop the city’s landscape safely. 


Without the work of physicists, the world would be far behind technologically. Physicists are responsible for the theoretical argumentation for new inventions. Their job is to make things work using the laws of physicists. The innovations made by physicists can be priceless to humanity, but for the people on duty, it is a routine of educated tests and trials for every theory.  

Athletes and Sports Competitors

There are two reasons why an athlete’s job is well-paid. The first reason is naturally the challenges they beat and the records they break with the help of constant training. Athletes are professionals in pushing the boundaries of the human body. Dedication pays athletes both in money and fame, and it is the second reason why this profession is so profitable. 

Athletes are celebrities in their field, which is why they have many opportunities for sponsorship and advertising. 


The knowledge of the human psyche and the human brain is progressing, and a neurologist is a person who understands it best. Work in this branch of science is prestigious and profitable. Neurology is a new discipline, just like the current knowledge of the human brain. Neurology experts and rare and valued in the sphere, as they promise discoveries and demands.

Final Thoughts

Most professions on the list require years of education, training, examinations, and constant improvements. However, the change that these professions make is immeasurable. People in these jobs serve the crucial systems of the American people, society, and technology. For that reason, the ladder to these careers is worth climbing. Take your time to understand your strengths and choose the direction to grow. 

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