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$199 Startup + $79/month after 90 days – $100 Advertising Credit!


Pay Per Click ListingsAre you interested in getting more website traffic through Google but don’t have the time or knowledge to set up and manage an Adwords account?

If you do not know what Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is, feel free to read my post What Is Pay Per Click?.

If you don’t feel like reading that, the short summary is that Pay Per Click advertising allows you to get your ad listed in the Google search results in the area purple highlighted area in the picture to the right. In order to get your ad listed in those areas, you simply pay a bid amount every time the ad is clicked. Since the ads take up such a large percentage of the screen and you can have an ad up in a matter of hours, it’s easy to see the appeal of Adwords advertising.


Don’t Miss Out on Profit

Google Adwords can be a critical tool for getting traffic to your website if it is set up and managed correctly. If you are not advertising in Google Adwords, you may be missing out on customers and profit opportunities.

Many people never try Pay Per Click marketing or stop after a few months because of the cost. The goal of most forms of advertising is to achieve positive ROI (return on investment). So if you’re consistently investing $100 per month on PPC and only making $50 in revenue, then I can understand why it would be unattractive to continue investing the $100 monthly. However, many Adwords advertisers don’t realize there is optimization that can be done within your Adwords account or on your landing page to reduce the amount you are spending and increase conversions. This is why it is crucial to work with a Google Adwords professional.


Why You Need a Pay Per Click Professional

Ryan BowmanIn order to attract advertising dollars, Google allows for easy setup of an Adwords advertising account. So it would be fairly straightforward for you to create an account for yourself and get started. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain an efficient advertising campaign that gets maximum results with minimal spend. Just to give you an idea, here are a just a few of the hundreds of elements of Google Adwords that are critical to know in order to be successful in your advertising:

  • CPC
  • Conversion Optimizer
  • Ad Rank
  • Impression Share
  • Quality Score
  • CTR
  • Phrase Match

If you can’t  define or describe all of those Google Adwords terms, it would be beneficial for you to work with someone who does. It will save you money in the long run!

This is where I can help! I have managed over $400,000 in Pay Per Click advertising since 2008 promoting my own products and services with a positive return on investment. Now you can take advantage of my experience and allow me to help you advertise your business or products.  Here are a few of the important steps I will take to help you achieve success in your Adwords advertising:

  • Organize the account for easy management and to optimize ads for relevancy
  • Research new opportunities to employ more keywords
  • Target the advertising for local or global markets as appropriate testing both the Display and Search Networks
  • Use negative keywords to block out clicks that are not relevant and costing you money
  • Use conversion tracking to measure which clicks are resulting in positive activity and conversions
  • Continue to build the account by testing new ad groups and keywords while eliminating ineffective keywords
  • Assess the effectiveness of the landing page and make suggestions or edits
  • Improve Quality Score by improving ad group and keyword relevancy
  • Make suggestions for search engine optimization to achieve organic traffic


4 Reasons You Should Want To Be One of My 50 Adwords Clients


Reason #1 – Designed for for Small Businesses

There are many Pay Per Click management services out there and most of them are very expensive starting at $500/month. My service is tailored to be affordable for small businesses looking to test the search engine market and get some website traffic that will result in prospects and sales. In a market that is favoring online marketing more and more, it is important that your small business be visible online. Pay Per Click marketing with Google Adwords is is a great way to do get your website visible online FAST and not break the budget!


Google Adwords $100 CouponReason #2 – $100 Advertising Credit

If you are a new Adwords advertiser, you will be eligible to receive $100 credit for Google Adwords advertising after spending $25. Sorry – this is only for new advertisers. If you already have an Adwords account, this does not apply to you.


Reason #3 – Affordable Pricing

The cost of my Pay Per Click Management service is $199 one-time start-up fee plus $79/month maintenance fee starting after 90 days. The first 3 months have no monthly fee because I consider it a trial startup period. After 3 months, you and I should have conclusive evidence to determine if a positive ROI (return on investment) can be maintained. If not, some changes will need to be recommended or it is possible Pay-Per-Click is not a sustainable advertising option for your business. I will be honest and up-front with you. I’m looking to find 50 small businesses I can partner with to achieve a positive ROI using pay-per-click advertising.


Reason #4 – Heat Map Click Tracking

One of the most unique aspects of my service is that I offer heat map click tracking. Heat map click tracking allows us to see exactly where people are clicking on your advertised web page . This will give valuable information in how to optimize your landing page and your advertising.

Take a look at the example heat map of my home page below. There are many details available from the heat map reports but just from a quick visual inspection you can see that a lot of visitors are clicking on the pricing page and the right slider arrow next to the Web Eminence University graphic. This is valuable information that can help me optimize my page content.

PPC Heatmap

What Is Included


One Time Start Up Fee Includes:

  • Initial phone and/or email consultation to talk about advertising goals
  • Set up of new Google Adwords account
  • Research keywords and target market
  • Set up initial campaigns and ad groups
  • Review website landing page and make suggestions for improvements if needed
  • Set daily and monthly budget constraints
  • Multiple reviews of account in first month to optimize account
  • Setup conversion tracking to measure conversions
  • Setup 1 landing page with heat map tracking

Ongoing Maintenance Includes:

  • Monthly report of account performance
  • Research of new keyword opportunities to increase traffic
  • Review Quality Score of keywords and seek to make improvements
  • Review and report conversion tracking and heat map tracking
  • Make suggestions for improvements to site and marketing strategies
  • Optimize campaign to focus advertising spend on highest converting keywords
  • Consultation w/ client quarterly or as needed to review new advertising opportunities


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does it take to setup a new account?

A: Typically one week

Q: Will I have my own Google Adwords account?

A: Yes, you will have your own Google Adwords account under your ownership. We will link your Adwords account to my Google Adwords My Client Center so I can manage your account. The accounts can be unlinked in the future so you have exclusive access to the account.

Q: Do the ads run all the time?

A: Ads can be set to run 24/7 or scheduled to run only during specific days and/or hours. This will be determined based on your advertising goals. You can also turn advertising on and off seasonally or on a monthly basis. My monthly management fee can be paused and resumed on a monthly basis.

Q: Do I only pay the cost of your service? Are there any other costs?

A: The cost of my service is $199 startup fee plus $79/month after 90 days. You are paying me a monthly fee to manage your Adwords account, In addition to my monthly fee, you will pay for whatever costs you accrue in your Google Adwords account. With Pay Per Click marketing, you pay every time your ad is clicked and you can set daily and monthly spending limits.

Q: How much will it cost per click?

A: The cost of a single click varies depending on many factors including the keyword, competition, quality of your landing page, and more. Typical prices per click in Google Adwords are anywhere from $0.10 to $2.00. One of the goals of optimization is to minimize your average CPC (cost per click) and maximize your total clicks.

Q: Is there a minimum spending limit?

A: No, you can spend as little or as much as you want. Google Adwords allows you to set daily and monthly budgets to manage your costs. Your budget constraints will be discussed in the initial consultation. Daily and monthly budgets must be managed closely in the beginning testing stages to determine optimal levels of spending to meet advertising goals.

Q: Are there any guarantees on the amount of traffic?

A: There are no guarantees on the amount of traffic but if you submit the form below and I am interested to work with you as a client, I will submit a traffic estimate to give you an idea of the amount of traffic you are likely to receive from Adwords advertising based on your budget. If research shows there is not enough traffic available from Google searches, I will let you know and I will not accept you as a client.

Q: Will you manage my existing Adwords campaigns?

A: No. I am only looking for new Google Adwords advertisers at this point. If you contact me, I can recommend someone to manage your existing Adwords campaigns.


Free Evaluation and Traffic Estimate

I do not accept every prospect who wants to pay to be my client. I’m looking for 50 clients who I believe can be profitable in Adwords advertising. This may depend on your product or service, your website, or other factors. The first step is to submit your interest by filling out the form below. I will respond to your request with more information. If I believe you have potential to be a client, I will prepare a free traffic estimate.

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