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Creating a Small Business Logo – Costs & Methods

I think we can all agree logos are important. But how much should they cost and what options does a small business have in building logos. We cover costs and methods for logo creation in this helpful post.

Who Owns My Domain Name? and How Do I Recover It?

Not knowing where your domain is managed and who owns it is definitely a problem! In this post I show you some tips on how to recover your domain ownership if you’ve lost it – and if you’re not really sure if you’ve lost it in the first place!

7 AdWords Mistakes You’re Probably Making

AdWords is costly but common mistakes make it even more costly for beginners who don’t know the basics. In this post I review the top 7 mistakes I see in Google AdWords. If you deal with these common mistakes in your own account, you’ll be on your way to lowering costs and increasing results.

CallRail Review – TRACK Your Phone Calls from AdWords and MORE

You generate a lot of phone calls from your advertising, but are you tracking them to know where they are coming from? If not, CallRail is a good tool to start tracking your phone calls. Check out my video and post which focus on using CallRail to track phone calls coming to you as a result of your Google AdWords advertising.

Simple SSL (HTTPS) Activation on WordPress Sites

Security is critical for your website and it’s becoming more important with recent browser warnings for insecure sites. So follow my instructions in this post for adding an SSL certificate to your WordPress site to make it HTTPS.

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