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Counseling Websites – Creating an Effective Site For Your Practice

For counseling practices wanting to build or improve a website, it’s important to take into account general principles of effective websites but also specific elements of counseling websites. I show you what these are in this post to help you build an effective counseling website.

WordPress Backup Options With & WITHOUT Plugins

When’s the last time you backed up your WordPress website? In this post, I show you all the options to backup your site depending on your host. You can use WordPress plugins fro backup but you don’t have to!

AdWords Help & Tutorial Videos

Watching videos is better than reading, especially for something so complex like Google Ads. Check out some of my favorite resources for Google Ads straight from Google and from my own vault of videos.

Creating a Small Business Logo – Costs & Methods

I think we can all agree logos are important. But how much should they cost and what options does a small business have in building logos. We cover costs and methods for logo creation in this helpful post.

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