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Pay Per Click (PPC) Quick Primer

Are you interested in getting more website traffic through Google but don’t have the time or knowledge to set up and manage an Google Ads account?

If you are not advertising in Google Ads, you may be missing out on customers, profit and the opportunity to grow your business.

Here’s the quick run-through on PPC.  Pay Per Click advertising allows you to get your ad listed in the search engine results in the  highlighted area in the screenshot below. In order to get your ad listed, you simply agree to pay every time your ad is clicked. You can literally have your ad showing up in your top targeted searches in a matter of hours so it’s easy to see the massive appeal of Google Ads advertising!

PPC Ad Position

Feel free to read my post What Is Pay Per Click? for more detail and two videos on PPC advertising.

Why You NEED a Qualified Pay Per Click Manager

It’s not THAT hard to setup an Google Ads account and activate campaigns. Google purposefully lowers the barrier to entry to attract more advertising dollars.

Here’s the important fact many advertisers miss, but you’re probably realizing since you’re on my page!

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain an efficient and competitive advertising campaign that gets maximum results with minimal spend. Just to give you an idea, here are a just a few of the elements of Google Ads that a good manager takes into account AND the typical mistakes that do-it-yourself advertisers make when managing their own accounts.

Some Things I Will Do:
  • Align strategy with client goals
  • Be honest about potential and challenges
  • Organize account logically and efficiently
  • Setup and monitor conversions
  • Continually add new keywords
  • Monitor search term report
  • Utilize automated, alerts, and scripts
  • Use Pivot Tables for deeper analysis
  • Monitor account according to reporting schedule
  • Give thoughtful reports, not just regurgitated data
  • Suggest website changes to improve results
  • Link up Google Analytics and business listings
  • Run Experiments (split tests) to test variables
  • Monitor and improve Quality Score
  • Watch Impression Share for campaigns and ad groups
  • And a lot more…!
Mistakes Advertisers Make:
  • Not checking account often enough
  • Adding TOO many keywords
  • Neglecting keyword match types
  • Too many keywords per ad group
  • Bad or NO account organization
  • Never looking at Quality Score
  • Targeting wrong landing pages on website
  • Overlooking basic campaign settings (location, device, scheduling)
  • Disregarding Ad Extensions
  • Setting one bid and not adjusting
  • No conversion tracking
  • Not linking Google Analytics
  • Not testing ad variations

If you can’t define all of those big Google Ads terms, don’t feel bad!

No one expects you to be an expert in something outside your expertise! BUT – you should find a Google Ads manager who DOES understand these complexities of PPC. Doing so will increase your chance of success AND save you money in the long run!

This is where I can help! I’m a Google Certified Partner and have managed over $1,000,000 in Pay Per Click advertising since 2008. If you’re not convinced, read the 5 reasons below. If you’re raring to go, jump down to the form.

I’m glad and very thankful I found Ryan and his team at Web Eminence. Ryan has helped me grow my business and gives me the confidence of having my ad budget managed and optimized. Before, I was wasting lots of money on Google Ads and I had no idea what I was doing. Ryan quickly jumped in and helped me translate the Google Ads language and maximized my results,- results which we are now seeing!! We are now tracking everything and using that data to build stronger and more efficient campaigns. Ryan is great with following-up and communicating with me on what’s going on with my ads and where we are, and he also answers all my questions to help me understand how it all works. I look forward to working with Ryan on my Google ad campaigns and also rebuilding my webpage. Thank you, Ryan, and Web Eminence, you all have been awesome to work with!!
Tyler C

Campbells Lawn & Irrigation

5 Reasons You Should Want To Be One of My PPC Clients

Reason #1 – Google Ads Certified Google Partner, your partner

Google Ads Certified - Google PartnerIf you work with a large pay per click agency, you’ll probably get paired up with an account manager on their payroll that has little motivation to help you succeed other than the fact that it’s their JOB!

When you let Web Eminence manage your account, you ACTUALLY work with me personally. I LOVE learning about my clients’ businesses and goals and then interacting to help them grow their business with Google Ads over months and years.

I’ve also come up with pricing that makes sense for clients, but also gives me an ongoing incentive to produce better results from your advertising spend!

Reason #2– Designed for for Small AND Large Budgets

There are many Pay Per Click management services out there and most of them are very expensive with $500/month minimums and as much as 20% fees on total ad spend. I don’t want to devalue the critical work of professional PPC management, but I believe fees that high can actually keep many advertisers from success because their margins are slimmer than the 20% fee!

For small businesses with small budgets… My service is tailored to be affordable for small businesses looking to test the search engine market and get some website traffic that will result in prospects and sales. In a market that is favoring online marketing more and more, it is important that your small business be visible online. Pay Per Click marketing with Google Ads is is a great way to do get your website visible online FAST and not break the budget!

For existing advertisers and businesses with larger budgets… The fact that you are having some success with Google Ads on your own or with another management company is an awesome indicator or future potential! I can help take you to the next level. Whether you are having success or struggling with Google Ads, I almost always find a ton of work and optimization to be done in the accounts I take over.


Reason #3 – A Brain Built & Maintained For The Work

I often say that Google Ads management is only as good as the brain actually doing the work. Whether you have a PPC agency managing your account or you’re doing it yourself, the results are going to be limited by the intellectual horsepower that is driving your account forward.

Am I saying I’m a genius? NO. But I believe my brain is wired to do this type of work. And because of that, I actually love managing advertising accounts! When’s the last time you heard that from a PPC agency?!!

Check out my strengths from Gallup’s StrengthsFinder. I think you’ll see what I mean!

Futuristic, Analytical, Ideation, Learner, Relator

And just because I have those strengths doesn’t mean I’m operating at a high level in those areas all the time. I am mindful of what it takes to operate at a high level. This includes being aware of atmosphere, time of day, music, coffee, food, sleep, stress, exercise, and more to make sure the brain God gave me works at peak efficiency. Maybe you don’t care – but you should if I’m managing your account!

Reason #4 – Innovative Pricing & Periods

The cost of my Pay Per Click Management service is $495 startup plus a monthly management fee of $79 + 5% after 30 days. There is typically a lot of activity in the first month. I’m gonna do everything I can during those first 30 days to prove that PPC can be a successful strategy for your business.

Many PPC agencies charge a high fee percentage (10%, 25%) which becomes cost-prohibitive especially as your account grows to higher spends. My pricing will allow me to spend more time in your account as it grows, but will DECREASE your total cost percentage (moves closer to 5%) as you increase your spend.

The minimum monthly management fee is $129/mo and the maximum monthly management fee is $500/mo regardless of total spend.

The table below shows some examples of monthly spends and the total management fees charged.
Total Advertising SpendTotal Fee ($79 + 5%)Actual % Fee
$300$129 Minimum43%
$800$129 Minimum16%
$10,000+$500 max5.00%

Bi-Monthly & Quarterly Reporting Option

Monthly management is great for repeat revenue for the advertising agency, but who says a 30 day period always makes the most sense for the client? NOT ME! 

This is why I often offer bi-monthly and quarterly reporting and management for long term clients who want to have all the benefits of account management, but may not require the same amount of frequency as in the first 6-12 months. These modified reporting periods increase the management fee to 7.5% for bi-monthly and 10% for quarterly, but you’ll pay less per year because there will only be 6 or 4 billing periods per year. We’ll evaluate your account when the time comes.


Reason #5 – I’m a Learner, Not an Expert

I probably am a PPC and Google Ads expert, but I don’t love calling myself that. As you see from my strengths above, I’m a learner, and this is super critical because of the dynamism of Google Ads. It’s always changing and expanding. This is a huge reason why you need someone managing your spend. You can’t expect to stay in front of all the changes and run your own business at the same time!

I spend a lot of time in Google Ads since I personally manage many accounts. As a result, I’m always learning new strategies and methods that often can be applied across multiple client accounts. I also follow some of the top authorities on PPC advertising in the industry ad regularly speak with a Google Ads agency rep to continue to learn and level up my mastery of Google Ads and other advertising platforms.

What Exactly is Included?

One Time Startup Fee Includes:

  • Initial phone and/or email consultation to talk about advertising goals
  • Set up a new Google Ads account AND/OR review existing account data
  • Research keywords and target market
  • Set up initial campaigns and ad groups – organize for relevancy and efficiency
  • Review website landing page and make suggestions for improvements if needed
  • Develop campaign budgets and settings
  • Setup conversion tracking to measure conversions

Ongoing Maintenance Includes:

  • Monthly report of account performance
  • Research and test new keywords and ad variations
  • Review Quality Score of keywords and seek to make improvements
  • Continually add negative keywords to remove irrelevant clicks
  • Setup automated rules to optimize account throughout the month
  • Setup heat map tracking and monitor for a few months to measure and improve website activity
  • Make suggestions for improvements to site and overall marketing strategies based on data
  • Optimize account to focus advertising spend on highest converting campaigns and ad groups
  • Explore new advertising opportunities like Google’s display network, Youtube video advertising, or Bing Google Ads (extra charge)
  • Too much to list here!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long does it take to setup a new account?
A: Typically one week to launch new campaigns, but an account will develop and grow a lot in the initial days, weeks, and months.
Q: Will I have my own Google Ads account?

A: Yes, you will have your own Google Ads account under your ownership. We will link your Google Ads account to my Google Ads Manager account so I can access and manage your account. You can revoke my access at any time.

Q: Do the ads run all the time?
A: Google Ads can be set to run 24/7 or scheduled to run only during specific days and/or hours. This will be determined based on your advertising goals. You can also turn advertising on and off seasonally or on a monthly basis. My monthly management fee can be paused and resumed as well.
Q: Do I only pay the cost of your manager fee? Are there any other costs?
A: In addition to my management fee, you will pay for whatever costs you accrue in your Google Ads account. You will setup a billing account directly with Google Ads to pay these costs.
Q: How much will it cost per click?
A: The cost of a single click varies depending on many factors including the keyword, competition, quality of your landing page, and more. Average costs per click I see in my clients’ accounts are anywhere from $0.70 to $3.00. One of the goals of optimization is to minimize your average CPC (cost per click) and maximize your total clicks.
Q: Is there a minimum spending limit?
A: No, we can set your budget wherever you’d like, but I recommend starting with a $300 minimum monthly spend. Anything less than that means the daily budget is under $10 and difficult to manage. It may not be worth your while to pay me to manage budgets under $300/month.
Q: Are there any guarantees on the amount of traffic?
A: There are no guarantees on the amount of traffic but if you submit the form below, I will give you a traffic estimate based on Google Ads estimates. If my research shows there is not enough traffic available from Google searches, I will let you know and will likely not accept you as a client.
Q: Will you manage my existing Google Ads campaigns?
A: Yes, I can take over existing accounts. I’ll need to view your account to see how much work will be involved in the initial setup.

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