8 Best Free WordPress Theme Archives for Students

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These days, students have naturally acquired many skills. To bring those talents to light, it is essential to create a brand for oneself on social media platforms or build a website. Today, several platforms and tools help students in creating websites. One of the best platforms among all is undoubtedly WordPress.

There are some fantastic themes in WordPress that are best suited for students. Academic themes are suitable for students to help them build an online course or use it for other interests. 

For example, if you sometimes have the thought “Please do my presentation for me, this is just unbearable!”, now you can make landing presentations directly on your website and share them with teachers and classmates.

If one is good at writing, a theme related to it can be utilized to start a blogging website. One can write a blog, proofread, and edit it using a comprehensive online services platform for students like Studyfy resume writing service, which can further help them improve their work. Using WordPress themes, one can publish the blogs right away on their website.

Below are some of the best WordPress themes for students that are absolutely free of cost. 

All these templates are an excellent fit for educational and college purposes. These can also be used for e-learning. They are compatible with many learning management systems. So, this quite automatically becomes the perfect choice for launching online courses.

Online Coach

As the name suggests, it is a free theme for coaching. It can serve well for personal coaching, life coaching, fitness coaching, and everything that can fit into this category. This theme can also be used for taking online tuition classes.

  • It has a call-to-action section, which is the most important option. 
  • It has a welcome section along with four other areas to showcase one’s services. 
  • It has calendar plugins, which can be used to get appointments and calls booked.

This is an excellent fit for students who would like to establish their coaching talents.

IT Consultant Lite

IT Consultant Lite is a theme based on consultant business. Though this is a theme for consultants, it is highly customizable. It can also be used for education, reviews of EssayService and coaching. 

IT Consultant Lite is mobile-friendly, and it looks great on all sites and browsers. The main thing for a consulting business to pick up is to gain customers’ trust. Most of the clients prefer a service based on recommendations. Word of mouth plays a significant role.

The website is done keeping in mind the brand presence one needs to have. Students who are interested in this should have a solid and unique selling point. To make the most out of it, one needs to differentiate their services and post valuable content. Adding a personal touch to the theme is a good option. 

SKT Simple

If one finds all the other templates over the board, this is the most suitable theme to choose. It is the most simple and minimal theme that can be designed and customized according to one’s choice. It can be used to create any kind of website as it is very versatile.

SKT Simple allows one to choose each field from the list of options. It is not a fixed template. The pages, sections, and images are all editable. It has a very professional look on the whole. It is translation compatible and comes with many ready-to-use widgets.

IT Solution

IT Solution is a free WordPress theme for emerging startups and companies. This industry is quite competitive, so staying on top of everyone else is crucial. This theme is optimized precisely for that. Everyone has an online presence these days, so making a unique website is mandatory.

It has a nested comments feature so the visitors can stay engaged for a longer time. The website looks sleek and has user-friendly navigation. Overall, it gives a pleasant and flawless experience on all browsers.

Play School Lite

Play School is a kindergarten, school, college, and education-related theme. It can be used as a website, resume, or portfolio for education institutions. The theme has ample call-to-action sections with quirky fonts and button designs.

It has a category for blogs, archives, and search pages. Play School Lite looks good and is filled with wholesome content. Thus, it can be called the best free WordPress theme.

SKT Education Lite

SKT Education Lite is a theme created mainly for the education niche. It can be used as a school website, college website, education platform, counseling service, and much more. It is highly customizable in terms of color, text, and images to be the best suit for each person.

Education and coaching have increased to take up the online space. Therefore this is an exceptional theme to use to launch a good learning website. Students can use SKT Education Lite on their website for launching a full-fledged course or short workshops.

Naturo Lite

Naturo Lite is another minimal website template. It has a black, gray, and white-colored appearance. Naturo Lite has a lot of white spaces. These white pages are designed for multipurpose to suit any industry. 

It is the best WordPress theme for students since it does not have a lot of designs. It is minimal and prevents distraction from the main content. Images and content will be the highlight when this theme is used. 

SKT White

SKT White is a premium-looking free white theme. It comes with client sections, a gallery area, and a call to action. This theme can be used either as a single-page or a multiple-page template.

SKT White can be best used as a landing page for education and student activities. It has a clean layout that reflects the content properly. It is a go-to theme for anyone wanting a very subtle and minimal website.


A website’s appearance is an essential factor in projecting the brand image for any business. A website needs to look visually appealing and professional. WordPress themes are built with excellent optimization and customization tools. Yet, it is ideal to go for a niche-specific one.

Explore as many themes as you like until you find the right pick to start building your personal brand, business, and story!

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