Google Ads Certified Professional

What is the certification? Do you need a certified Google Ads manager?

What Is Google Ads Certification?

Google Ads certification is a professional certification and accreditation created by Google to measure proficiency in all aspects of Google Ads management. Google Ads certification doesn’t prove that a manager will be able to make your Google Ads spend profitable, but it’s super helpful for people searching for Google Ads managers because it provides a base level to begin to compare the agencies and individuals you are considering to manage your account.

If the PPC consultant you’re considering does not have Google Ads certification, you may want to ask why or just move on.

To remain certified, and individual must:

  • Pass multiple exams yearly
  • Maintain a combined minimum spend level among all managed client accounts
  • Demonstrate good practices in accounts managed

You can read more about Google Ads certification here.


I Am Google Ads Certified

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