Get Started – Complete Website Package

Step One – E-sign Agreement

The first step is to review and E-sign the agreement. You can review it here, but I’ll need to email you the electronic copy to sign. You and I will then be emailed a copy of the signed document.

If you haven’t received the E-sign document from me yet, contact me to request it and go ahead with your payment in Step 2.

Step Two – Submit Payment

Submit your payment for one-time setup fee by clicking the button below. Your first monthly payment will be charged 30 days from this initial payment.

Step Three – Send Content

The next step after submitting your initial payment is communicating your website needs to me so I can begin building your site.  I will need the following:

  1. domain name you plan to use – If you don’t have a domain, I recommend GoDaddy and use it myself for my own domains.
  2. design direction – Please view sites I’ve completed and let me know which sites and which elements of sites you like from my portfolio. You can also share examples of other websites that you have seen and like. This will help give an idea of the type of website design you desire. If you have a logo, that will help to determine the color theme for the site (see below).
  3. logo image – Please send your logo if you have one. If you would like a custom logo, you can check out my logo service for $99 here. If you don’t provide a logo or buy a custom logo, I’ll create a basic text logo for your site.
  4. all the content for your site (text and pictures) – You can browse and give me the ID numbers for pictures you wish to display on your site or create a board that can be easily shared. If you need to send a lot of files, you can ask me for a Dropbox link to upload them all at once.
    This New Client Guide provides a more complete description of what you need to provide along with some tips on creating and arranging your content.

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