Complete Website Package – FAQs

The questions below are frequently asked questions on my Complete Website Package. If you have a question not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Domain Name

Who owns the domain name for my website?

With my Complete Website Package, a domain name is included. If you allow me to purchase your domain name for you, the domain name will be registered and managed by me in my domain registrar account. Your contact information will be used as the administrative contact for the domain.

What if I already own my own domain name?

Many clients already own their own domain name when they originally contact me and that is perfectly ok. A domain name is a major asset so many clients prefer to purchase it and maintain it in their own domain registrar account. Domain names typically cost $9-$15 per month. To lock up your domain name, I recommend using Godaddy.

What happens to my domain name if I cancel?

As stated in my agreement, if I manage your domain name for you and you decide to cancel your website at some time in the future, I will transfer your domain name to you. No questions asked and no fees.



What if I already have hosting?

My Complete Website Package includes hosting so you can cancel the hosting that you have currently. Make sure to keep your domain name active if it is registered with the same company where you bought hosting. I can also help you transfer your domain away from that company.

Who is your hosting company?

I use HostGator website hosting, one of the top web hosts in the world based in Houston, Texas. I have used their hosting for over 10 years and have personally experienced that they stand by their 99.9% up-time guarantee.

How much storage do I get for my website?

The storage limit for your hosting account is 500 MB. Storage space is typically not an issue for most simple websites. Your limits will typically be reached only if you choose to have an email address on your domain. I offer Storage upgrades of $2 per month per 1 GB upgrade.

How much bandwith do I get for my website?

Bandwith limits for website hosting is a limit on the amount of data that can be transferred to visitors to your website. The more website traffic you receive, the higher your bandwith usage will be. The bandwith limits for accounts on my Complete Website Package is 2,000 MB per month. It would take about 3,000 visitors per month to your website to reach this limit. If you reach that amount of traffic, you deserve congratulations for having some success with your website. Contact me to ask about upgrading your bandwith limits. You can double your bandwith capacity for a few dollars per month.

Do I get an email address?

 Yes, you can have unlimited email addresses on your domain name but you are limited on storage to 500 MB. You should have no storage issues with your email if you manage your inbox and don’t let emails pile up. You can set up your email to work with email clients and your smart phone using POP3 or IMAP.


Search Engine Optimization

Will my site be optimized for search engines?

All the sites I build will be optimized for certain keywords using basic and natural on-page optimization (meta tags, description, page title, keywords in main content, keywords within image tags, etc.).  The WordPress platform and themes that I use produce a clean code and are very search engine friendly. This will help your content to be spidered easily by the search engines and added to their index.

How can I be ranked #1 in Google?

There are many factors to getting ranked high in the search engines including competition, content, and the number of links you have pointing to your site. Since the World Wide Web is a web of links, one of the best ways to get higher rankings and traffic in the search engines is to get more links pointing to your site from other sites. There are many ways to do this. As part of my Complete Website Package, I will send you a Search Engine Marketing Guide that highlights a number of steps you can take to build your websites incoming links and popularity. Some of the methods require an investment of money and some only require time.


Website Development

What happens after I pay? What is your process?

After you pay and sign the agreement, I can do some of the initial setup of your site. I will not begin to build your site until I receive content from you (text, pictures, etc.)

How long does it take to complete a website?

Setup time for new website is typically 2-4 weeks. Every website is different and total time for completing depends on the speed of communications and the overall complexity of the website project.

What pictures will be used on my website?

I can use any pictures that you send me. I also offer unlimited stock photos for the initial setup of your site through You can search their site and see all the pictures available for your use. This is a HUGE value to my clients. Most of these professional stock photos cost $10 each.

Do you write the content of the website?

I do not write the content for you. However, I can edit the content to a certain extent for basic grammar, readability, and search-engine optimization.



Since you are a sole-proprietor, what happens to my website if something happens to you?

My plan is to continue to manage your website for as long as you want to work with me, even if it’s 30+ years. However, I have been proactive in planning a transition plan since I am a sole proprietor.

In the event that I am unable to manage client websites for any reason, your site will continue to function as is. You will have the option of allowing a new party to take over the management of the website or you can elect to transfer your files to a new host. My clients will be given complete access to their hosting account upon request. This is the same access you would have if you purchase your own hosting account.  You can copy all of the website files at any time and move them to another host. You may need professional help if you don’t have the knowledge of how to do this.


Payments & Terms

Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds for past payments when the work has started. Special cases may apply from time to time.

Can I pay with a check or bank account?

Currently, I only accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. There are no long term commitments.

Will I have ownership of the website after I cancel?

At any time up to 15 days after cancellation. I will transfer all website files to you. It will be everything you need to transfer it to a new hosting service. You will need professional help to install the website on a new hosting service. You will also need to pay for access to Elegant Themes for theme updates in the future.

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