10+ Email Templates For Web Developers and Designers

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These 10+ email templates for web developers are easy to use & can help you with everything from generating leads to retaining customers.

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When you are a web developer or designer, you often find yourself swamped with a lot of small intricate tasks. That means you might not be able to write important emails to clients in a timely manner.  

Whether you are a web designing startup owner or a freelancer, the easiest way to write personalized emails instantly is to use email templates. It will save your time and will always keep you connected with your clients. So, in addition to using marketing automation tools for startups, it is necessary to have quality email templates with you to achieve better personalization.

To help you tackle different scenarios with your clients, here’s a list of 10+ email templates for web developers and designers!

Cold Email Template

Here’s a cold email template through which you can relate any happening event to grab the attention of the prospect!

Template: 1

Subject Line: New year, new goals, … new website design?


Hi [First Name],

[Your name] from a web design [company]. We learned that your [company name] has set some incredible goals for the new year.

Firstly, congratulations on that!

As a web designing firm that specializes in creating [prospect’s niche] sites, we couldn’t resist reviewing [company’s website] for how it’ll accommodate those changes. And our team observed some inconsistencies in the site. Here are those:

[Problem 1]

[Problem 2]

[Problem 3]

Fortunately, you can overcome these problems if you hire our team of remarkable developers. We’ve done this for numerous other sites and would love to help you too!

[Add examples]

So, what do you say for letting us handle your new website design? 


[Your name | contact details]

Template: 2

Subject line: You do some inspirational work, [name]!


Hey [First name],

I’ve been following you for a while now, and love how [company name] has gained so much popularity over a short period!

But I have a question for you, [name]!

As your business is scaling, is your website ready to support it? If your answer is negative, no worries! Because I can help you with that!

I’m a freelance web developer who helps small businesses like yours in creating scalable sites. Here’s how I’ve helped others!


Fancy the same for [company name]? Let’s have a chat tomorrow at [time]!


[Your name | contact details]

Pitching Past Clients 

Reaching your past clients can win you some new projects too. Here’s how you can do that:


Subject line: What if we help you with [the problem you can solve]?


Hey [first name],

I loved working with you last year on the [X] project!

I’m reaching out to let you know some of the new features we’ve added to our services. We’ve introduced these features as we observed [certain problems] in most of our clients’ sites including yours!

Here’s how we managed to solve it for others:

[add samples]

And we can help you too. Sounds good? Let us know so that we can start working on it!

Thank you!


[Your name | contact details]

Welcome or Onboarding Email

The onboarding process should be seamless for your customers as it creates a lasting image of the services you provide. For writing the right onboarding emails, you can pick some of the ideas from these SaaS email templates by leading companies. However, here’s a basic email template that you can use for onboarding your client:


Subject Line: Welcome aboard, [name]!


Hey [name],

Thank you for trusting me with building your website. I’m intrigued by this opportunity!

Here I’m attaching the plan I created for this project. It includes the complete timeline, along with cost and specific details. Please check and let me know if there are any changes required! 

[Attach the project plan]

Looking forward to the completion of this amazing project!


[Your name | contact details]

Web Design Quote Template

When a prospect reaches out to you asking for a quote, and you only give them an estimate, it can create problems for you. Since the customer isn’t clear about the details down the line, it can result in misunderstandings which can break the deal.

To avoid that, you should always use a proper web design quote template that specifies pricing for every element. You can take inspiration from this quote template by Jotform.com


Follow-up Email Template

Sending follow-ups can drastically increase the chances of your email actually being read by the prospect. Here’s how you can write a snappy follow-up email!

Template: When you didn’t get the response!

Subject line: Some ways to improve your web design!


Hi [first name],

Here’s a follow-up to our last email where we identified some issues with your web design. We’ve compiled a list of some very useful tips that will resolve [a certain problem].

[Tip# 1]

[Tip# 2]

[Tip# 3]

If you still need the assistance of expert web designers, we’re here to help!

Happy web designing!


[Your name | contact details]

Template: When prospects showed interest!

Hi [first name],

Hope you’re doing great!

You showed interest in working with us. So, I’m just checking in to know what are your specific needs for the [X] project? Share with us, so that we can create a complete project plan for you.

Looking forward to working with you!


[Your name | contact details]

Seeking Referrals

Seeking referrals from your network and past clients is one of the best ways of generating more leads. Let’s see how you can ask for referrals from your existing network!


Subject line: Mind referring us to others?


Hi [first name],

Thank you for choosing us to design your website. Hope it’s running smoothly!

Just wondering whether there’s someone in your network who might need our services?

If you know someone, would you mind introducing our services to them?

That would be really helpful to us.

Thank you!


[Your name | contact details]

Customer Retention

As a web designer or developer, you should also be equipped with templates for Customer Retention Emails, Dunning Emails, and payment reminder emails. The following template can help you retain your customers:


Subject line: Your payment failed, [Firstname]!


Hi [Firstname],

Hope you’ve had a great experience with our services!

We’re reaching out to you to give a heads up that your credit card expired, so we’re unable to process your payment.

If you want to continue using our services, please update your credit card information before [date].

In case you’re having trouble, let us know so that we can help you!

Thank you!


[Your name | contact details]

Asking for Testimonials

You might want to show your testimonials in your cold emails, but how do you get those testimonials? Often clients do not leave proper feedback that you can use as a testimonial. Therefore, you have to ask for it yourself. This can be quite intimidating, so here this email template will help you in asking for testimonials.


Subject line: I need a little favor, [firstname].


Hey [firstname],

Hope you’re doing great just like your website!

I had an amazing experience building the website for you. And I was wondering whether you could provide me with a testimonial?

Here I’ve already written a testimonial for you. Let me know if you approve it? Or you can make the changes to it if required.

[Add testimonial text]

Feedback from you would be great for my portfolio, and I’d really appreciate this little favor!



[Your name | contact details]

Email Marketing for Website Development

If you are a web designing startup, you would be running email marketing campaigns to generate more leads.


Subject line: Secrets to make your website more engaging!



If you’re wondering why your website isn’t engaging enough, you might be looking in the wrong direction. SEO isn’t the only thing you should focus on for increasing engagement. You’d also need some tweaks in your website design!

Here are some useful tips for making your site engaging!

[List the tips]

Find this useful? [Link to your blog], here you can find more useful content. 



Final Thoughts

As a web designer and developer, you’re always struggling with time management. Hence you might not communicate with your clients timely through emails. Therefore, you must have some versatile email templates that will help you in dealing with different situations with your clients.

We shared over 10 email templates that can help you with everything from generating leads to retaining customers. However, you’d need to be diligent about how you adapt these templates for different clients and different situations.

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