4 Common Web Hosting Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Feb 20, 2023 | Domains, Hosting, & Email | 0 comments

When it comes to web hosting, there’s a lot that can go wrong, so you can’t afford to make any major missteps if you want to preserve the reputation of your brand.

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To that end, here are a handful of examples of web hosting snafus and some precautions you can take to steer clear of them in your own operations.

Mistake: Not Keeping Up with Industry Standards and Best Practices

It seems obvious, but failing to stay on top of industry standards and best practices can lead to unexpected issues that could harm your web hosting business’ reputation.

Meanwhile, if you keep your ear to the ground regarding new technologies, you’ll be able to provide clients with the most secure, reliable hosting solutions available.

It’s also essential not only to keep abreast of changes in security protocols but also to make sure your clients are aware too! Clients need regular updates about current vulnerabilities or threats they may be facing so they can take necessary steps in order to protect themselves.

Staying informed on market trends is equally as important; this will ensure that your packages remain competitively priced compared with rivals providing similar services – giving customers more incentive to choose you over them.

Mistake: Failing to Monitor Performance and Uptime Regularly

If something goes wrong with your server or network connection, it’s critical that you know about it as soon as possible so that you can take the necessary steps to rectify any problems quickly. That’s where monitoring performance and tracking uptime come into play. This will ensure clients experience minimal disruption, providing them with an optimal user experience.

Regular monitoring also allows you to identify potential issues before they become major problems; for example, if there are signs of slow loading times or sluggish response speeds from your server, then this could be indicative of wider underlying issues which should be addressed immediately.

In addition, tracking performance metrics such as page views per second is vital for ensuring adequate scalability when demand increases during peak periods; understanding how much capacity each customer requires helps providers determine the right package for each individual, giving exactly what they need without increasing costs.

Mistake: Selling a Poor Quality Web Hosting Package to Your Clients

Offering packages that are inadequate, imperfect in terms of performance, or don’t meet customer needs is another no-no.

If you feel you’re falling short with in-house products, checking out the reseller hosting plans at NameHero is an option. It lets you expand your operations and your offerings without needing to handle the technical side of things internally.

Quality is also about delivering value, and clarity is central to this process. Providing unambiguous information about pricing plans will ensure customers know what they’re getting and will let them make appropriate judgments about your web hosting products.

Mistake: Underestimating the Importance of Customer Service & Support

Excellent customer service and support aren’t always on the cards when working with web hosting providers, so it’s comparatively easy to stand out from the crowd if you turn your focus to this area.

After all, when clients have an issue or question about their package, they need to be able to contact you for assistance and receive it in a timely manner. Failing to do so can lead them to feel neglected and dissatisfied.

To sidestep this, make sure your team is adequately trained on how best to handle various customer queries quickly and efficiently. This could include setting up email templates or chatbot responses, which allow staff members to quickly provide answers without having to conduct extensive research each time someone needs help.

Providing multiple methods of communication, such as phone and email, will also ensure customers always have options available when seeking advice or solutions to problems.

Final Thoughts

Running a successful web hosting company doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle, so learn from these frequently made mistakes, and you’ll be one step ahead of rivals.

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