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Students are very ambitious and resourceful, sincerely believing that the world is lying at their feet.

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Students are very ambitious and resourceful, sincerely believing that the world is lying at their feet. In fact, it is true because the rigor and energy that young people radiate are enough to change the world and conquer new heights. The only problem is… to find time for that. Most students are stuck among lecture attendance, homework completion, and making ends meet with part-time jobs. 

So, the key to student success is to manage things properly and determine priorities effectively. If you wonder, who can write my paper can do it for you hassle-free. After delegating the pending homework to experts, you can relax and proceed to your genius business ideas. And at this point, the first step to undertake is defining your business idea and communicating it to people.

The simplest way to launch a business in college is to launch a website. The more functional and user-friendly it is, the better. But one point is often missed from the total success equation: creativity. People appreciate a creative touch and buy more eagerly from businesspeople with an original approach to their vocation. Thus, a creative website can become your secret sauce to a business offer. And here, we tell you how to select creative WordPress themes for a catchy, engaging website.  

What Is a Creative Website? 

Creativity is appealing and attention-grabbing, but it’s also a highly elusive concept. We generally evaluate something different, unusual, and standing out from the crowd of similar offers as creative, but what are the exact features to pursue? Here are some aspects to consider when loading your business website with creativity: 

  • The interactivity of your website can make it much more creative. Users don’t like receiving passive experiences anymore; they want participation and action. So, you can build a loyal audience quickly by including interactive elements in the menu. 
  • Original visual components are attention-grabbing. So, equip your website with original illustrations and develop a unique visual style for your website. In this way, you can communicate your brand’s personality better and create your tribe quicker. 
  • Animation makes a difference. It’s the most common interactivity element that you can also use to your advantage. Add animated elements to the page and see how users respond to them. But keep in mind that animation should be coherent with the page’s style and message, not distract the audience from it. 
  • Experiment with fonts. A good old stylistic tool is the use of unusual fonts. Besides, the font choice has an extensive psychological basis behind it. So you can research what fonts build impressions among users. 

WP Themes Sparking Creativity 

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Now let’s proceed to the choice of WP themes that you can use to launch a creative website quickly. You can find some of them in the WP theme archives or contact a web designer whose works you like for a custom WP theme. In any case, you need to study the list of top creative WP options first to determine what features you want to see in yours. 

#1 Soledad 

This WP theme is a number one choice among students wishing to launch multi-concept blogs or magazines for a broad audience. Its visual style is impressive and atmospheric, letting you experiment with the layout and position the posts on the page. The best thing about Soledad is that it’s perfectly SEO-optimized, giving you content improvement suggestions and helping you in the process of content formatting. In other words, Soledad is a highly suitable WP theme to make your stories heard. 

#2 Foodie Pro

As its name suggests, the Foodie Pro WP theme is ideal for food blogs or any resources related to food. At first glance, it looks pretty minimalist, but its in-depth review reveals tons of features and options to explore. Overall, it looks modern and sleek, with great font combinations and color palettes at your service. So, if you’re a food geek or a chef-to-be, it’s exactly the option for you. 

#3 Writing 

You might be surprised to know that minimalism is also creative at times, but it’s still true. With so many fancy colors, fonts, and designs flooding the web, minimalist-looking WP designs are back in vogue. So, by using the Writing WP theme, you can impress your audience. If they come to read what you’re writing, there’s nothing better than presenting your posts in a transparent, reader-friendly design, with minimal distractions on the way. 

#4 Thrive Theme Builder 

If you have at least an initial understanding of WP coding, then the Thrive Theme Builder package may be exactly what you need to unleash your creative aptitude to the fullest. This is not a WP theme in the classical sense of this word; it’s a full-scale website builder with a set of super valuable WP features and themes in one suite. Users of Thrive Theme Builder can use various blog post templates, experiment with headers and footers, choose among a multitude of page layouts and categories. Everything is possible with this theme, and you can try the whole arsenal out before stopping on one design solution. 

#5 Morning Time 

What does the phrase “morning time” make you think of? Probably, it’s the dawn, juicy and light colors, and lots of space for experimentation and creativity waiting for you. The same can be said about the Morning Time WP theme, which gives its users endless design possibilities and a helpful feature of frequent posting. The theme is designed with a focus on usability, so it’s an ideal choice for journalists and family bloggers. 

How to Choose Wisely? 

As you can see, the WP themes are diverse, and each of them has something unique in store for its users. So, how can you make the final choice so that the result is impressive? We recommend focusing on user-friendliness first. Your WP theme should enable hassle-free, quick website design and customization above all. Second, the chosen theme should be SEO-friendly as you’re planning to create a business blog. And SEO optimization is the cornerstone of content visibility in search engines. Third, it’s the light weight of the theme that should finalize your selection. Users hate waiting for the website to launch, so the shorter the load time, the better for your business.

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