Designing a Startup Logo on a Tight Budget

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So, you’re eager to launch your fresh new startup. It’s exciting, exhilarating and electrifying all at the same time.

And now it’s time to tackle your branding, specifically designing your logo. And as a startup, you may be somewhat strapped for cash. Because chances are you don’t have your own marketing, research, design and sales team to handle it.

Which is fine.

You don’t need millions of dollars and teams of experts to conjure up a stunning logo for your new venture. Depending on your budget, there are plenty of high-quality companies and designers out there willing to work with you and whip up a mighty logo. Before we check those out, you must understand WHY your logo is an essential part of your business.


Why a logo is vital for your new startup

A logo has many important jobs. It represents your company, much like your face represents you. If it’s well-groomed, people will think you’re respectable and professional. If you have chocolate all around your mouth and crumbs on your face, people may think negatively of you.

Putting this analogy to the side as you probably get the point, here are the four key jobs you want your logo to do for your startup:

  1. Show-off your unique brand identity
  2. Convey the professionalism of your business
  3. Help people recognize your startup
  4. Make you look better than your competition

Seeing as your logo is a vital component of your startup, you don’t want to do it yourself unless you have years of experience behind you. Here are the best ways to design your startup logo on a tight budget.



Logo Creation Over $1000

If youre dead set on using a graphic designer to create your startup logo or you have a healthy budget set aside, then using an experienced designer could be a good choice for you. You can with them directly or through an agency.

While this is by far the most expensive choice, it will help you create a unique logo, that stands out from the crowd and help your startup make a great first impression. If youre worried about the upfront cost of parting with $1,000 or more, think how much money you may waste having to redesign your logo if you didnt get it right the first time.

Logo Creation Up to $250

This is the most likely scenario for the majority of people. You have up to $250 to design your logo. You need it to tick all the boxes while sticking to your budget. Thankfully logo companies have made it easier, cheaper and more accessible for startups to create a logo with a logo creator.

Using clever AI algorithms and machine learning, all you need to do is input the name of your business, some details about how you plan to advertise and use your logo, along with a few design preferences and the AI takes care of the rest. You can try this with Looka’s free logo generator.

Its a fast, cost-effective way to generate a unique logo in minutes, plus you can grab extra branded stuff like pitch decks, presentations, ready-to-go banners for social media and even merchandise with your logo printed on it.

Logo Creation Ranging from $5-$250

If youre determined to use a graphic designer to design your logo and not a robot, you can find logo designers on freelancer platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. But your mileage will vary greatly, and your experience will be hit or miss depending on who you choose. One of the biggest pitfalls to watch out for is paying attention to any added extrasthrown on top. For example, if you want your logo to be in a specific format, or you need to make any changes, chances are youll need to pay an extra fee for it.

Always look for freelancers with a high success rate and a high number of positive reviews which look real. Its not unheard of for people to pay for fake reviews. While these companies do a great job of weeding them out, they cant catch them all.

Free of charge

If you’re genuinely desperate or broke but need a logo, you can try out a free logo design website, but they often have hidden catches like paying a fee to download your logo, or to remove the watermark from it. Fortunately, you can use Adobe’s best logo maker tool for free and make the most of your branding.

You would be better off merely spelling out your business name or using your business initials with a clear font and 1-2 colors to spice it up.

What to consider each step of the way

Here are the most important factors to consider when designing a logo, no matter which method youre using:

Creating a design brief

A design brief is a short document detailing what you need your logo to do, and any design preferences like the kind of style (vintage, modern, mature, luxurious) it should have. It should also mention any real-world applications youll need from the logo, e.g. it needs to be simple to use as an app icon and on social media. You can also include any specific design requests, such as a particular color palette or font style.

Providing a design brief allows anyone tackling your logo to understand what youre after without unnecessary back and forths.

Icon, text, or both?

Companies like Apple and Nike use logo icons, where-as other companies like HBO and Netflix use text only. Each type of logo has its advantages. Icons are generally smaller and more flexible, but wont give you as much brand recognition, especially as a new startup. Where-as printing your business name in your logo helps increase your brand awareness which is crucial for a new startup. Theres nothing to stop you using both in your logo, but be sure the icon provides meaning and positive influence towards your brand.

Color design

Each color brings out a different emotion in your audience, which is why youll often see similar companies use the same shades. Tech companies like to use blue as it creates a feeling of trust and also represents intelligence. Health company logos are often green for vitality and health. You can also mix and match colors to create your own unique brand palette. For the best results, stick to 2-3 max.

Final Words

It doesnt matter how large your budget is or which method you choose at the end of the day. Its the final product that counts. As long as your logo is attractive to the right people, promotes your brands attributes and is eye-catching, youve got yourself a winner.

Watch my video below where I test 3 different logo creator websites!

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