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It’s natural to think about web designers in your local area when searching for someone to design your website. However, it’s important to ask the question – should you really be limiting yourself to your geographical area when it comes to web designers? After all, the web is making the world very small and communication by phone, email, skype, etc. have made doing business over long distances very easy and in many cases, even more efficient.


Chicago Web Designer or Global Web Designer?

I’m a web designer in the Chicago area myself and offer a simple website package to clients who want a simple website but don’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves. Even though I would love to be listed in search engines when people type in “web design chicago”, it would be crazy for me to limit myself to only the Chicago area. In the same way, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a geographical area when searching for a web designer to create your website.

There are hundreds of thousands of talented web designers out there but by only looking at a geographical area, you are limiting yourself to a small percentage of them. I can understand wanting to find someone that at least speaks English well but beyond that there shouldn’t need to be too many restrictions. I’m sure there are a few special circumstances when a local web designer is needed but they are few and far between. Actually, if you know of any, please comment below because I’m having trouble thinking of any good reasons.


Open Up Your Search on Elance

Before you start searching for a local web design company, consider opening up your search to a broader area. One great way to accomplish this is to post your project on Elance. Elance is a popular freelance site where providers connect with those in need of their services. If you post your web design project in detail on Elance, you will get a number of web design proposals from qualified companies and individuals ready to do the work. This is a great way to find the right person for the job or even just get some competitive prices to check a price you received from a local web design company.


List of Local Web Designers

If you’re still set on finding a local web designer even after my points made above, you can find a great list of local web designers for your area at WebDesignersList.com but even that directory will only give you a small percentage of web designers in your local area. Consider using Elance as mentioned above to find some competitive prices for comparison.


Let me know what your experience is searching for a local web designer. Comment or ask a question below.

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