Future of Web Development in 2022: What Will Be the Predictions?

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The web development industry has been changing significantly over the years. Various trends have been shaping how website designers build high-quality websites. Most of these trends are solutions meant to make web development more manageable and more effective in the future.

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Keeping an eye on these web development trends is vital for website designers and owners. These will help you stay on top of your game and enjoy a competitive advantage. This article looks deeper into the changes you can expect to see in web development in 2022 and beyond.

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1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Adoption

AI is already playing a significant role in streamlining web development. First, it has made it easy for website designers to access information. The easiest way to build a website that will attract the right traffic is by understanding your customers’ needs and preferences.

In 2022, businesses will rely more on AI to know what products their customers need. They will also know how long customers take to make purchase decisions. That will help them only include products that their ideal customers would want to purchase on their website.

2. Better Online Support

According to New Voice Media, businesses lose up to $75 billion due to poor customer support. Many businesses are looking to bridge this gap with better support. And, technology like AI chatbots has proved vital in helping businesses provide better support to their customers.

You can expect to see more businesses include chatbots in their website development plans. One of the main reasons more businesses could consider chatbots is their 24/7 availability. A business that uses chatbots also cuts its customer service staff, reducing its running costs.

3. Motion Design Will Get Bigger

Various benefits come with implementing motion design in a website’s design. It makes navigation smoother and increases web loading speeds. It also guides users down the sales funnel as well as reduces a website’s bounce rate. This is a trend that you can expect to see rising in 2022 and beyond.

However, integrating motion into a website requires some web design experience. Working with creative web designers is the best way to integrate it seamlessly. You should find a web design agency with experienced designers. It will help you achieve an interactive user design in 2022.

4. The Dominance of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps will become more prevalent in 2022. Businesses infuse them in their web designs because they mainly contribute to better user experiences. They boost cross-browser compatibility, reduce bounce rates, and also work offline, which increases website efficiency.

These benefits will see more businesses request more PWAs from web designer companies and programming assignment services. It will be a trend that will keep rising beyond 2022 as businesses seek to provide website users with better experiences. Users will access information more effortlessly, increasing conversions.

5. More Voice-Search Optimization

Digitization has simplified several business aspects. One that’s changed significantly is how people access information from websites. Instead of typing into a search box, you can now speak, and the search engine will display the results of your questions, simplifying searches.

The intuitiveness and ease of use this technology brings will see it get more popular in 2022. It increases execution speeds and ensures better user experiences. Many people already prefer voice search to type into search engines. That’s why more businesses are keen to adopt this technology in their website designs.

6. Increased Internet of Things – IoT Implementation

IoT is already an essential part of our lives today. Though it doesn’t directly relate to website design, IoT can get infused into web development. With IoT, web designers can easily collect data from IoT devices. This data helps web designers know what they need to do to build great websites.

As mentioned earlier, web designers will value customer information more in the future. It is such information that IoT technology will help them extract. For instance, they could gather data on the products users don’t buy. That can help them redesign their websites to fit customer needs.

7. More Adoption of Cloud Technology

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The cloud has been there for some time now, and many businesses are using it. It brings a wide range of benefits, including better security and scalability. The cloud also contributes to better user experiences. It ensures that a company’s website and network aren’t overwhelmed.

There’s no question that many businesses will need cloud technology in 2022. Already, it is being adopted increasingly by businesses globally. Cloud vendors like Amazon and Microsoft are making it easy for businesses to access cloud services. 

That’s one factor that will lead to an increase in the adoption of cloud technology. Most businesses will want to infuse it in their web design strategy to ensure their websites work more efficiently. If you are a web designer, updating yourself about cloud adoption can be an excellent idea.

8. Green Hosting Will Gain Ground

Climate change has been a trending topic in recent years. People and businesses around the world are becoming more conscious of the need to conserve the environment. Companies are considering green hosting — an eco-friendly hosting server as a way to ensure they achieve this.

Green hosting will shape the future of web development. More businesses will look to contribute to climate conservation. One way they’ll want to do this is by investing in green hosting. Thus, you can expect that this trend will continue in 2022. As a web designer, you should update your knowledge of green hosting and set it up for businesses.


As you can see, technology is influencing web development in various ways. Almost every trend we have discussed in this article relates to technology in one way or another. One of the most prominent technologies that will improve web development in various aspects is artificial intelligence.

But generally, both front and back-end web development is set to become better with tech. All you need as a website owner or website design agency is to choose the right technology tools. Pay attention to all these trends to ensure you develop better websites in the future.

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