How Can I Help You?

Hi, My name is Ryan Bowman. Yeah, it’s just me…one person. I’m not hiding behind the facade of a large company like a lot of web designers and developers do. I’m proud to offer one-on-one personalized service to a few select clients who are looking for unique and personal help with their website.

So How Can I help You?

Website Help
I offer free tools and a few paid services that are designed to help individuals and small businesses get a professional web presence without paying thousands of dollars. I don’t disappear after building your website like many web designers. Instead, I offer ongoing management and marketing support with most of my services. If you allow me to develop and manage your website, we will have an ongoing working relationship with your success as the sole focus. I look forward to getting to know you and your business.

Who doesn’t love free expert advice? I offer help and assistance for people looking to create or improve their online marketing. I know there are a lot of options out there for building and maintaining a website and they can be very confusing. I will offer my help and advice free without pushing you to use any of my services. So take advantage of the free help that I offer and contact me about your website needs. If I’m online now, you can also find a button to chat with me now on the right side of this page.


Free Tools and Information

Website Startup Guide

Free Website Startup Guide

If you’re interested in learning the basics of starting a website, I’ve created a Free Website Startup Guide that you can download now for free. It answers basic questions like “what is a domain name?” and “what is website hosting?”and it also gives some great tips for getting your website up and running.

Click Here for more info and to download my guide free.


Search Engine Marketing Guide

Many of my clients ask how they can get high rankings in Google. Since there’s really no easy answer, I wrote a whole guide on the topic. It’s packed full of great info on how search engines work and practical steps you can take to improve the authority of your website and get higher rankings. I planned to only give this away to my clients but I decided to give it away to everyone for free and allow you to pay what you want. If you think it is valuable to you, I give you some opportunities to return the favor or even pay me for the guide.

Click Here for more info on my Search Engine Marketing Guide.


Web Eminence University

Web Eminence University exists on my blog and Youtube Channel where I offer tons of useful content for website owners and people hoping to start their website. All of the information is free.

Many of my website visitors came to my website initially through one of my posts on the Web Eminence University blog so it is a very important part of my website. You can browse some of my recent posts. Make sure to subscribe to my posts so you don’t miss any vital info. And if you find them useful, please share them via Facebook or Twitter.

Testimonial - Mea Monroe
I was having many problems trying to creating a professional looking website for a small website. I started with a google template, but It just was not allowing me to do what I needed to do. I have friends that are web designers, but they all said they were just to busy to help. I was just so frustrated and ready to give up on my dream of having a store front for my e-books. If I had not found Ryan at I would have given up. I just think you are super. You steered me in the right direction. I now have a good looking website in just a few short days. I look forward to learning more from you. I subscribed to your newsletter…I do not want to miss anything you want to teach me.Thank You, Ryan

My Menu of Services

Complete Website Package – Less than 100 spots left

This service is COMPLETE because it includes domain name, hosting, website design, and ongoing management. This is great for people who want a website but don’t know where to start and don’t want to mess with all the technical details of creating a website. It includes everything you need in one package that is very affordable. In fact, you’ll be shocked at the price!

Complete Website Package

Website Redesign

I know there are a lot of ugly and dysfunctional websites out there and I want to do my part to clean up the web. If you have a simple website that is outdated and needs a makeover, this service is for you.

Website Redesign

Free WordPress Install

WordPress is the best website platform in my opinion and I use it for all my sites. For those who have heard great things about WordPress and wish to use it for your blog or website, I offer a free installation of WordPress when you purchase hosting service from HostGator. I will also install a premium WordPress theme free so that your blog or website looks like you spent thousands of dollars on the design when it was in fact FREE! After I set up the WordPress theme, you are on your own. However, I will be available on an hourly basis if you need help with your website or blog. Just an email or phone call away.

Free WordPress Install

Pay Per Click Management

Everyone wants to get their website listed at the top of Google – Easier said than done. For website owners who want to get quick and targeted traffic, employing Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising with Google Adwords is a great option. If done correctly, your site will be listed at the top of Google’s rankings in the “Sponsored Ads” section. Since advertising in Google can be highly technical and expensive, it’s important to utilize the services of a Certified Adwords Professional to manage your budget and ensure the highest return on your investment. My Pay Per Click Management service is tailored to small businesses and is much more affordable than most other services.

Pay Per Click Management

Logo Design

A professional and attractive logo is the best investment you can make for your website. Your visitors won’t look at every element of every page on your website but no matter which page they enter your website through, the one thing their eyes will look to is the top of the page and your logo. Your logo can communicate a lot about your website and your business.

I spent a lot of my own money to find logo designers that were affordable and provide excellent designs and service at a reasonable price. My Logo Design Service is often an add-on service to a Complete Website Package but it can also be purchased on its own.

Logo Design