Dave Kane
Dave Kane Neptune's Yacht Charters

I must tell you and everyone, I am so pleased to have found your company…. the speed at which you got my website neptunesyachtcharters.com and logo up and running was impressive along with your guidance and great pricing was “What I Needed”. Can’t thank you enough and will recommend you to everyone.

Dr. Suzanne McGarity
Dr. Suzanne McGarity Your Best You Counseling

Ryan, it is such a relief to finally have a website that I feel proud of. I am so so so happy with this site! I posted the site address on facebook tonight and I gave you a shout out, as well :) You have been so great to work with, so if there are any other recommendations I can make for you just let me know.

Bruce M Momentum Soccer & Sports Performance

After several tries at creating a simple website for my new business using a template, I was soon convinced I needed the help of a professional.

I spoke with several website development companies and found out I needed a a WordPress site for professional image and “conversion” as Ryan says. I found that this would cost over a thousand dollars and would not be ready for a least 6 weeks due to demand. I was feeling really frustrated until finding webeminence.com and speaking with Ryan.

Ryan was great to work with and got started right away. He exceeded all of my expectations and provided everything he promised ahead of schedule. I can’t recommend Ryan and Webeminence.com highly enough.

Jason Hunter - Founder/CEO Long Beach Refuse Employee Association

The Long Beach Refuse Employee Association is pleased to recommend Web Eminence. The LBREA was searching to create a professional website that would enhance our non-profit organization’s visibility. When searching for a web-hosting company, Web Eminence stood out among many companies that offered similar services.

Upon contacting Ryan from Web Eminence, he is a good communicator and informed me in every stage once the  process began. He has a keen ability in finding good matches for our company when it came to what would be ideal for our website design, for our donors and members to visually understand what we as an organization are all about. Web Eminence understands the needs of the organization and is prompt, professional and courteous. I would recommend Ryan to anyone. – Jason Hunter Founder/CEO

Mark Walter, M.D.
Mark Walter, M.D. Advanced Orthopedic Stem Cell

Ryan, I want to thank you for making my web presence so eminent. I’ve struggled with finding the right person to design and implement my web site. You are the best! And at a fraction of the cost of all the others I’ve tried.

Michael Granada Granada Law, PLCC

I found Ryan and Webeminence through a simple website search and am fortunate to have come across him and his website. I was looking for a professional and modern website – and Ryan absolutely delivered. Specifically, he was able to build me a website that really helps me to reach my core audience and is easy to navigate. This was truly a lucky find for me as he offers many different designs and Ryan, himself, is willing to provide guidance on what he thinks will work, which is something I desired since I am seeking expert advice.

In addition, Ryan is very responsive and is able to help me manage my website in close to real time. I would and do recommend Ryan to all my friends looking to build a website.

Nick Wyard Voice Talent - NickWyard.com

I chose you because I liked you the minute I saw you, Ryan. Aside from the fact that your costs for what you were offering were very reasonable, I was immediately struck that you seemed to have a friendly efficiency and offered a solid promise to deliver that I never doubted, and still don’t doubt, having worked with you quite a bit now!

You are equal parts gentleman, someone with technical know-how, and an artistic thinker – a conscientious service-provider that I can put my trust in. In business, and in this large, often mysterious and murky landscape that is the internet, you are someone that makes me feel I am in good hands. You will not lead me astray, and will tell me when something isn’t working, which I respect a lot!

Dean Binder TheExpertCreditWitness.com

I chose Ryan because of his personal service. Having a small business and needing a newly re-designed web site on a budget was not compelling enough for other Web Designers to even call me back. Ryan was immediately responsive and continues to help me with my site. Thanks Ryan.

Alex C
Alex C HandyAndytheHandyman.com

Ryan is an absolute wealth of information! He is extremely helpful and made the whole website creation and transition a lot easier than I was expecting. Being a small business owner, I know how important great customer service is, and Ryan hits the nail on the head. Web Eminence is one of the best things you can do for your company, you will not be disappointed.

Alex C

Dr. Kevin Kilday, PhD, DNH Holistic Health Center

I have owned a few businesses during my career and each one has had a website. I have worked with 3 web designers in the past and none of them can come close to the service and knowledge of Ryan with WebEminence. Ryan’s plan of action was great. Starting with the client’s ideas and the client’s layout, then sending the client samples to pick out a theme and layout, and then on to pictures directly related to your industry. Each step of the way Ryan is very reachable via emails which are answered most times the same day or early next morning and also he is reachable by phone.

In my case Ryan was always very patient waiting for me or my assistant to complete or edit some text on my website. Ryan was very creative when I was stuck in some areas of my layout. He made suggestions that always made sense and obviously was based on his years and experience of being a website designer. One of his greatest attributes is his work doesn’t stop when your site is completed. He makes himself available anytime for minor changes or updates to your site Ryan’s pricing is also very good as you get alot of service for the price. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone planning to build a new website or rebuilding an existing site.

Go to my website www.holistichealthcenter.us or call me if you need any more verification. Bottom line is Ryan at WebEminence does great work.

Valerie Napier Law

My law office was looking for a professional, elegant, and informative website. After looking for several weeks, we found Ryan, and he did an outstanding job. We worked closely with him through the entire process. He was very responsive to our requests and last minute changes, and the final product was beyond our expectations. I do not feel that I could have achieved the same results with another web designer. Ryan’s level of service is top notch, and his work is excellent. I am so glad that I choose him to handle such an important aspect of my business. I would highly recommend him to any company or individual that seeks a high level of service, professionalism, and quality.

Randy Haddock

Ryan did a great job building my website as I wanted it to be. He led me through the steps in getting online, and showed great patience with my (highly) limited computer skills. I recommend him to anyone wanting a good website at an affordable price!

Barb Young
Barb Young Caring Connections Co-operative

Ryan, your personalized service and your level of professionalism has further convinced me that I made a good choice.

I am getting so much positive feedback on my website. I believe in rewarding great work, so for that reason, I would not go elsewhere for services to maintain my website.

Finally, in a world where it is getting increasing difficult to actually communicate with a “real person” on the other end, you are a treasure!

Thank you for your services. I will look forward to other opportunities to work with you in the future.

Joey LeFrancois
Joey LeFrancois Krunchy Konvert Green Cleaners

Ryan and Web Eminence are the exception to the rule of “you get what you pay for”. Ryan delivered a professional website for a fraction of the cost of his competitors. From design to completion, the process was straight forward and effortless.

A company website delivers the first impression of a business to a potential client. I am glad that I chose Ryan to design such an important component of my business. I highly recommend Ryan and Web Eminence to anyone who is looking to create and design a website. It is one of the best investments that you will make.

Ryan, I look forward to working with you in the future as we build the retail site.

Thanks again.

Laureen Froimson
Laureen Froimson Director Gero-Psych Solutions,PLLC

I became involved with Ryan when I needed a website for my new business. I asked two friends who I thought did that work and they were too busy to do it. They told me to just search online to find someone. So I did and found Ryan who I thought was reasonably priced. He told me all sorts of things about what needed to be included on my website that I didn’t know. He also gave me good advice about what to do for uploading money for payments for my continuing education courses. I didn’t listen to him which was a mistake and I went back to what he suggested in the end which worked out quickly and easily. He was easy to work with and corrected things I did not like on my website. I would recommend him highly to others for this kind of work.

Julie Austin
Julie Austin DavinciCanines.com

With Web Eminence, not only was my site built fast and efficient tailored to my specific needs but Ryan works directly with me on search engine optimization so that my site isn’t just created, it’s seen! The level of service provided is unparalleled and I couldn’t be happier with his work!

Karen Selman - President First Call Advisory Group

I investigated many other companies that did website development, but was having a difficult time finding one that offered elegant, professional looking templates.

I tell Ryan all the time, “We make a great team.” From the very beginning, Ryan has always been and continues to be very responsive to our needs. Having an eye for design, I was probably more involved in the design aspect of our site than most people would be, but Ryan fully embraced my gifts and vision for our site and did everything he could to bring our vision to pass. He offers excellect solutions in a very creative fashion.

We think that the service Ryan provides go far beyond the fees that he charges. His prices are more than fair and his service is great.

Russ and Cindy A Clear Difference Cleaning Service
This year we decided that it was necessary for us to begin the process of having a web page built, but we had no idea where to begin. It was at about that time I received an email out of the blue from Ryan. Apparently he noticed our ad in one of the phone books. He said that he could build us a web page complete for a very competitive price. The cost was so much lower than what we thought it would be.

We decided to take the chance and go with Ryan, and very glad that we did. Ryan led us through the steps of what needed to be done. All we had to do was furnish the information and pick out the photo’s. Ryan did the rest. We are so pleased with our web page.

We highly recommend Ryan.

Russ and Cindy – A Clear Difference Cleaning Service – Grand Rapids Michigan

Marlise Witschi, M. Psych.
Marlise Witschi, M. Psych. InternalFreedom.com

I have been using Ryan’s service for several months now and am very happy with the process and the result: Our communication is swift, clear and easy (which I find exremely important). He offers really great designs and makes all the changes i ask him to in very sort time. He also offers a whole gammut of videos for us to learn how to do certain techy things. Really, use Ryan’s service, you will be happy with it; I recommend him very strongly.

Dennis HogHuntingLight.net

A website from WebEminence.com was the best investment I could have ever made. The first day Ryan posted the site, I was on Google’s second page! Evidently he knew what he was doing.

A couple of weeks ago, Ryan sent me his Search Optimization Guide. I called him and he told me about one of the cheapest ways to get more web traffic and recognition from Google. I followed his advice earlier this week. In only 1 month, I had over 900 visits to my website. I can write Ryan an email and ask for a change and he usually makes the change that day or the next.

Finally, if you are one of the many people that are lost in the funk of trying to build a website, I highly recommend Ryan of WebEminence. He treats you like a person, listens to what you want, and develops a product that is second to none, all for a very affordable price.

J. Silva AnnabelService.com

This is the first time I’ve writen a testimonial for a business. After my experience with Web Eminence, I feel compelled to share it with other potential clients.

After months of looking for a web  site designer and failed attempts with those “do it yourself” type of providers, I decided to try WebEminence.com. It is refreshing to realize; that Ryan sincerely believes and practices real customer service. From day one, he was in contact with me several times per day and he completed the work on time as promised.

His concern for small businesses such as mine, is sincere, and has assisted our business in maximizing our purchasing power. His fees are very reasonable and the customer care has been second to none.

Thanks Ryan,

Lord Brice Barrington - President & Founder Bespoke Aviation Assist

I have had the best experience working with Ryan of Web Eminence. I  have owned and operated many companies over a 25 year period.

I feel that its profoundly important for me to convey the level of  professionalism I received when working with Web Eminence. Beyond that, the site Ryan created is totally amazing.  I am so happy with its look  and overall feel.  Just today, I learned that a very important business  person has chosen to do business with me based on what he saw on my site.

So honestly, do yourself a major favor and do business with Ryan of  Web Eminence.

Jason Havlik via SmallBusinessBrief Forum - Disaster Preparation Consultants

I ended up hiring Ryan at WebEminence (www.webeminence.com) to build my website. He has taken care of all the design issues while I’ve taken care of the content part. It was quite hassle-free and definitely the way for me to go considering how much I have on my plate at the moment.

I’ve been extremely pleased with the way it has turned out and can certainly recommend him to anyone needing a website or wanting to revamp their current one. 

Glenn McCall, President
Glenn McCall, President McCall Asset Management Group

With the perfect balance of my insight and his experience, Ryan at WebEminence.com was able to successfully capture my vision and create the stunning website that my company so desperately needed. In fact, workng with him was so painless and enjoyable, I asked him to design a second website for me! He even taught me about the all-important Search Engine Optimization aspect of owning a website. The websites that Ryan designed for me are easily worth three times what I paid…..Thank you Ryan and WebEminence.com for giving me a great product, an incredibly affordable price, top-notch quality and above all, making me look so cool!

Al Koury Hollywood International Co

For my small business web construction, after checking with several companies, I finally got so lucky finding  Ryan, after I outlined what I needed, he immediately put my website within few days, however, aside from being a gifted and talented young American, it  struck me the most his honesty and dedications to help his customers,  he was willing to walk the extra mile to make sure that his customers are completely satisfied. Ryan wrote to me on week ends and even after midnight to make sure that everything is perfect.

He certainly helped erased the  frustrations I had sustained from dealing with two other companies for only a fraction of the price.

David Jackson KickStartM.com

The website you built for us is perfoming nicely.. First of All the Price is Ridicuously Low with amazing professional stock images that delivered a complete website package. Ryan, you did an outstanding job and very easy to work with as we put the design together and we are looking forward to the next project. Keep up the great work…