Secrets Learned For Towing Campaigns In Google Ads – After Managing 17+ Accounts

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In any emergency type service like towing, urgent care or emergency plumbing, generating leads in Google Ads campaigns is typically not an issue. The problem lies in getting QUALITY leads.

In my experience managing many towing accounts, conversion rates tend to be very high for towing campaigns around around 20-30% versus an average of 5-10% on most other Google Ads campaigns.

BUT – since searchers are quick to click on your ad and quick to call, the issue tends to be lead quality. Most towing advertisers in Google Ads complain of the following:

  • “Where’s my car?” calls – people looking for their impounded car
  • Callers searching for and looking for competitors
  • Call for car makes (Toyata, Jeep, etc), insurance companies, or roadside services like AAA

As with most Google Ads campaigns, you’ll never eliminate these lower quality calls ENTIRELY, but there are proven ways to slow them to a crawl which will allow your campaign budget to flow to more general searches that can produce higher quality calls leading to more revenue and higher ROI on your campaigns.

Average Cost Per Lead On Towing Campaigns

In my first towing video below, I share the average cost per lead for towing campaigns falling in the $20-30 range.

Since then, I’ve run some campaigns that have generated leads for under $15 and sometimes under $10.

Obviously, this will depend on different factors like competitors and quality of your website, ads, and overall campaigns setup.

The only times I’ve ever seen leads be generated for these dirt-cheap prices of $10-15 would be in high populated areas like Miami or New York City. This doesn’t mean you’ll ALWAYS get these cheap prices in big cities. It just means that the population is there to support the outcome of cheaper leads.

Towing Campaigns Tough In Rural Areas?

So if there is greater potential for large and small towing companies in big cities, it begs the opposite question… Will towing campaigns in Google Ads be a struggle in mid-suburban and smaller rural areas? I’ve actually found this to be true and seen some of my own clients struggle in more rural areas. I cover this topic in my 2nd towing video below.

The obvious reason for tougher campaigns in the ‘burbs and rural areas is the lower amount of car traffic and resulting lower search volume. Less traffic on the roads = less stranded cars calling for tows. It’s not rocket science!

I believe it can be even more of a struggle in the lower population areas SURROUNDING big population areas. My theory on this is that larger advertisers inside the city are targeting a large radius around the city including some smaller areas. These larger companies with healthy budgets can make it tough for smaller advertisers on the outskirts of the city to compete.

Search Campaigns vs Call Campaigns for Towing

I don’t use Call Ads often on accounts but they make a lot of sense on some campaigns like emergency medicine, towing, etc. where searchers generally want to pick up the phone and call quickly.

I’ve tested Call Ads side by side with Search campaigns and not found significant advantages on Call Ad campaigns. The cost per conversion tends to be within 5% and I’ve actually observed Call Ads to be more expensive producing lower quality leads. My theory here is that for a service where people are VERY inclined to call, the Call Ads make it that much easier to call. If searchers go to your website first, they will probably read the info on the website at least for several seconds. This process of reading through your website will filter them to a degree and transform them into a better lead.

Budgets For Towing Campaigns.

Most towing companies I speak to who are interested in Google Ads ask me about budget. They generally want to know how much they will need to spend in Google Ads to make a meaningful impact on their business. I’ve managed towing account for different size clients with 1 truck or many trucks. One standard I’ve found to be true is that a budget of $1,000/mo per truck seems to be enough to keep busy.

The budget you will need can depend on different factors including how much business you generate from other sources like AAA or from organic search exposure.

Hook Up To My Expertise For Your Towing Campaigns

If you’re looking for help on your towing Google Ads account or are just tired of managing it yourself, feel free to reach out to me. I manage many types of accounts including towing but am only accepting a limited number of clients. I will also only accept 1 towing client in a city or region.

My expertise in Google Ads goes far beyond the strategies in this blog post and I can help you build campaigns that will grow your business for years to come!

Get more info on my Google Ads management here.

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