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AdWords is kinda like riding a bike. Almost anyone can do it, but you can certainly learn more, practice, and progress to higher and higher skill levels. There is a LOT to learn with video and kicking back and watching some videos is an excellent way to learn the basics. So I put together some of the best resources for videos including my own videos and some from Google.

Google’s AdWords Videos for Beginners

A great first step if you’re just starting to use AdWords is checking out the beginner videos that Google has put together. You’re getting info direct from the source so you know it’s good.



AdWords VS AdWords Express

For beginners to AdWords, there’s a good chance you’re currently using AdWords Express and comparing it to regular AdWords. AdWords Express is a simple entry-level option to get your ads live, but it’s very limited in its control. It’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll get better results with a well-managed AdWords account compared to AdWords Express.

Here’s a video I put together giving an overview of AdWords Express and how it compares to a full AdWords account.


Setting Your Budget in AdWords

Spending too much is a major deterrent to using AdWords for many people to using AdWords. So setting and managing your budget is a foundational skill to AdWords management. This video I created will help you understand how budgeting works in a regular AdWords account and how to use budgets to control your spend.



Common AdWords Mistakes

Whether you are a beginner or advanced with Google AdWords, you’re bound to make some mistakes. In this video, I cover the 7 most common people make in Google AdWords. This might be more appropriate for beginners but a lot of advanced AdWords advertisers will likely find they are making some of these mistakes too!



More Videos & Video Suggestion Box

Hopefully you found these videos helpful, but they certainly don’t cover everything you need to know for Google AdWords. To go deeper into Google AdWords, check out my AdWords (PPC) playlist below from my YouTube Channel and make sure to subscribe using the button below.


If you would love to see other AdWords videos on other topics, please comment below and let me know what videos you’d like to see and I’ll add it to my list!

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