Never Purchased a Domain Name? Here’s How Easy It Is To Search and Buy a Domain Name on Godaddy

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Save Some Money

As mentioned in the video, GoDaddy will try to sell you hosting and email services with  your domain name. If you don’t know how you will build your website yet, I recommend not purchasing these services from GoDaddy until you know you need them. The way it’s presented by Godaddy, you may think you need to purchase these services to “activate” your domain name but you DO NOT. You can get hosting and email service from other providers that may be a better fit for you. You also get one free email address from Godaddy that you can use with your new domain name.


OK – I Purchased My Domain Name – What Now?

Purchasing your domain name is only the first step to getting a website up and running. There are many directions you can go AFTER purchasing a domain name. Read my other post on this topic for more info.


Domain Name Show & Tell

If you’re ready to purchase your domain name, go ahead and go over to GoDaddy and follow the steps outlined in the video above. After you purchase your domain name, comment below and let me know what domain you purchased and how you plan to use it. I’d love to hear your plans and it’s free publicity!

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