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Nov 17, 2012 | Web Design | 2 comments

If you are selling a digital product like an e-book, it’s critical to have a great cover. It’s amazing to me that publishers try to save money on the front end with their website and ebook graphics. What they don’t realize is that spending $500 up front  could mean THOUSANDS in extra sales down the road.


Here are my covers… (pretty good in my opinion)

And here’s a BAD e-book cover

This is a cover I found online.  Granted, it was probably created for free so it’s hard to judge something that cost zero dollars. But I’m sure it took some time.

I have no idea how good the content of the ebook is but I have to judge a book by it’s cover when I first see it. And the cover is not very impressive. Here’s a few of the problems that jump out at me:

  • The book itself is distorted and doesn’t even look like it could physically open without breaking the binding (if it was a real book)
  • The title is readable but it’s hard to make out any of the other text.
  • The graphic of the person is hard to see and severely distorted

All these thing make the e-book not very impressive and will definitely cut down on sales.

Would you buy it?


So how did I make my professional e-book cover?

Well, if you are not a professional yourself, then you’ll have to hire a professional designer. The trick is finding a good one. I paid a few different designers to do e-book cover designs for me and I was not very impressed. Some produced low quality work and one took a whole month to contact me. That’s a deal-breaker!

I stumbled upon Killer Covers and figured I would give them a try since their price for a single cover design was under $100. I was very impressed. Their communication was fast and complete. They responded to all my questions and made the changes I requested for the design in timely fashion. Overall, their level of quality was much higher than some of the other designers that were much more expensive. You can see the cover designs that were delivered to me for my Website Startup Guide above.


More than Just E-Covers

Killer Covers does a lot more than just e-covers. They will do any graphic design project including headers, logo design, DVD cover design and a lot more. If you’re in need of a full website to sell your e-book, they have a website brand pack that includes a full website graphic design with order buttons and other custom graphics. It’s really easy to upload the design to your website hosting and customize it for your needs

Go To



Show Me Your E-book Cover

What was your experience making your e-book cover? I’d love to hear your experience and see the cover that you had made or made yourself. Comment below.


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