Do I Need A PPC Manager?

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Ask These QUESTIONS to Determine If You NEED Your Google Ads Managed!

When we’re talking Pay-Per-Click or PPC, we’re usually talking Google Ads. If you’re utilizing PPC, this means you’re paying for advertising through Google, and I sometimes get asked by clients if it’s worth hiring someone to manage these advertising accounts. If you’re a small business trying to best determine where to spend your money, you can ask yourself these few questions to determine if you need a Google Ads manager or if you can handle it on your own.

How Often Do You Log Into Google Ads?

The bottom line is – whether or not you decide to hire a Google Ads manager, SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT. Some of my clients say they barely log into their account every quarter. Some say they haven’t checked it in six months. This isn’t enough to maximize results, especially with new accounts.

For new client accounts I manage, I set a calendar and check their account every five days for the first month and then I’m at least checking in on the account monthly after that.

If you are logging in less than once a month, I would strongly suggest you have someone manage your account so it is checked more often. You may choose to do this internally by assigning someone at your company or overseeing it yourself as a business owner.


Are You Making Common Google Ads Mistakes?

Mismanaging your account costs you real money, and paying someone to manage your account could save you more than it costs you in service fees. I have a detailed video titled Google Ads Mistakes – REAL Mistakes from a REAL Client Account that can help you identify issues within your campaigns. But here is a quick list of things to look out for.


Not Adding Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords are words that you can add to campaigns that WON’T trigger your ad. Not monitoring search terms to add negative keywords could lead to wasting money on irrelevant searches. And this means less budget for the GOOD searches!


Not Managing Bid Strategies

I’ve covered bid strategies a lot. Check out my video comparing Maximize Clicks to Maximize Conversion (2 of the most popular smart bidding strategies). If you are completely unfamiliar with the different types of bid strategies, that is a sure indication that you need help managing your Google Ads.


Not Reviewing Google Ads Recommendations

This is an easy one but still often overlooked. You should be frequently logging in to see these recommendations. You could be missing some easy optimizations for your account. Plus Google gives you an optimization score based on these recommendations being reviewed and it’s good to keep this score close to 100%.


Are You Keeping Up With Changes to Google Ads?

You may be under the impression that Google Ads is a simple process, and at one point, you may have been right. But Google Ads is not as simple as it used to be, and it gets more complex every year.

If you’re only logging in once a quarter, it’s very hard to keep up with changes. And if you don’t take advantage of the new features Google Ads offers, your competitors might, which will put you at a huge disadvantage.

If you don’t have the time to keep up and research the new features Google Ads has to offer, you should consider hiring someone to do it for you.

Are You Spending A Lot on Google Ads?

Management is more valuable for higher spends for obvious reasons. A lot of times PPC management prices are fixed. Which means the more you are spending the more value you are getting from that management. If you are only spending a couple hundred dollars a month but paying a manager $500, it likely wouldn’t be worth the cost.

If you are spending thousands and can get management for a small percentage or better yet, a flat fee, there is a lot of value there. The more you spend the more likely you’ll get a valuable benefit from a manager.

I do manage some low spend accounts, but that’s usually because they aren’t looking at their campaigns and all. The are spending less than $300/mo on their accounts but it still makes sense to them to pay me $100+ to manage their campaigns.


Do I Have Other Options For Managing PPC?

There are other options such as Google Smart Campaigns. Smart Campaigns are a simplified approach that has you giving Google all the details of your business, providing a budget, and giving them free reign to show your ad.

Some might think they don’t need a manager because they can use these Smart Campaigns, which is true, but the lack of control over an account could lead to overspending or spending on keywords that aren’t relevant to your business.

If you’re using Smart Campaigns because you don’t have time to manage an account, it’s a great indication that you need a manager.


PPC Management Pricing

Pricing for PPC management will typically range from 10 to 20% of your monthly spend. Some other agencies will charge a flat fee, which is hardly ever under $100 a month and is often $300-500+. There are also agencies that combine both a flat fee and percentage.

I’ve gone into deep detail on some management services and pricing that you can check out on my video here – Google Ads Management PRICING & REPORTS – The Landscape and What to EXPECT!

For my own management services, I’ve adopted the “flat fee plus percentage” model. I’m trying to create a structure that allows for me to have clients over the long term. I’ve had clients with me for over five years because my fees aren’t cost-prohibitive. I’d much rather have reasonable fees and keep clients for much longer.

My management fee is going to be lower than most of my competitors and I believe I provide a higher level of service and expertise. Hard to beat that!

You can go to to see my PPC management pricing all of what I offer! Read more Stunning Facts About PPC.

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