Online Backup for Home and Business

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It Will Happen To You Eventually…

Online Backup Home BusinessIt’s gonna happen. Your hard drive will fail. Your computer will be stolen. There’s a thousand ways it can happen but the results are the same. You’ve lost all the data stored on your computer and you have no backup. There’s nothing you can do to restore all your important data. It’s lost forever. 🙁

Backing up is important for everyone.

If you’re a small business, think of the information on your computer or server that you could lose

Even on your home computer, there is a lot of data you cannot afford to lose

  • family pictures and videos
  • personal documents
  • home financial and tax documents
  • personal email saved localy
  • everything!

You’ve probably had it in the back of your mind to FINALLY backup all your documents so you can have some peace of mind about your data security. But you keep putting it off because you think it will take too much time or be too expensive. Trust me. I know. I’ve been there.

Benefits of Online Backup

Backing up data online is becoming more popular as hosting space is getting cheaper and data transfer speeds are increasing. Here are some of the benefits of backing up your data online:

  • No hard drive storage to purchase
  • Off-site storage – You don’t have to worry about losing your original data AND your backup in a total loss like a flood or fire
  • Access your backup anywhere – Many backup services allow you access your backed-up documents for any computer or smartphone
  • Security – Many people don’t like the idea of their data stored on a backup company’s  servers somewhere but in reality, these guarded and highly secure data centers are definitely more secure than your home or business computer.

My Backup Plan

Data BackupI’ve used backup software from a company called Genie to back up files continuously to an external hard drive and then I use JustCloud to back up my files once a week or monthly. JustCloud is one of the most respected online backup services with the highest ratings. They utilize Amazon S3 Web Services world renowned internet storage company to guarantee your files will never be lost or compromised.

The reason I only do the online backup on a schedule is it uses an internet connection and can slow down my work. For most people, just doing a continuous online backup with JustCloud is sufficient and a HUGE step if you are not backing up at all currently. JustCloud has plans starting around $7/month or $55/year. That’s a small price to pay to secure your data and have peace of mind.
JustCloud Online Backup

What’s Your Backup Plan? Have you ever had a “data disaster” and been caught without a backup? Comment below and share your story…

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