Quick & Easy Video Slideshow with Animoto

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I Created This Video in 8 Minutes with Animoto!

Create One Yourself or I’ll Produce One For You!



What’s Your Video For?

Are you looking for a quick way to make a high quality photo and video slideshow? Great news! It doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive! There are some amazing tools online that can help you create simple photo and video slideshows that will blow your friends away and only take a few minutes to produce.

Here are some of the common uses for high-quality video slideshows:

  • Wedding pictures
  • Baby announcement
  • Family vacation pictures
  • Small business promotion
  • Birthday party pictures
  • Holiday greeting card

There are ton of reasons to create a video slideshow with your photos – a lot more than I listed above. If I didn’t mention what you had in mind, comment below and let me know what you are creating YOUR video slideshow for.


Here’s My Secret Weapon

I have a secret weapon for making high-quality professional videos for myself and my clients. It’s called Animoto.

Animoto is a video creation tool that makes the process fun and easy enough for anyone to do. All you do is upload your pictures, choose your video theme and music, and Animoto will produce the video for you – simple as that! You can add text and change the order of the pictures. The rest is done for you!

Animoto will host your video online for you and also give you tons of options for sharing your video easily including social sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Create Your Video!


How Much Does It Cost?

You can create videos for FREE with Animoto. Their free version is fully functional but limited in its features. For example, in the free version you can’t create HD videos, not all themes are available, and you can’t download the videos to your computer. An Animoto Plus membership is only a couple dollars per month and opens up many of the best features Animoto has to offer. And an Animoto Pro account opens up even more exclusive Animoto video themes for you to use. You can compare all their plans on the Animoto website. If you make a lot of videos, consider a Plus or Pro account. If you only need one video to share, consider the free version or look at my offer below.


I’ll Create Your Animoto Video For You – Only $90

If you just need a high-quality video form your pictures fast, I can create it for you with my Animoto Pro account for only $90. Contact me now if you’d like me to create your video for you.

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