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May 27, 2012 | Web Design | 0 comments

Getting a Website? Consider the Maintenance…

Thousands of people search online to get a website built. And there are thousands of individual web designers and web design firms waiting and ready to create a website for them. However, getting the website created might be the easy part. What about web maintenance? Who is going to maintain the website on an ongoing basis? I’ve had websites designed by professionals myself and been delivered a website with no apparent way to ever make changes or updates to the website.

This is an important question when selecting a website design service. You need to know how maintenance will be done and who will do it.


Different Ways to Maintain a Website

There are different ways to maintain a website and it depends on how it is built. Some designers use a Content Management System, or CMS, that allows the website owner to easily login and make changes to the website. Depending on the CMS platform and the willingness and technical prowess of the website owner, this may be a great option or an source of frustration. Some CMS platforms are not easy at all and require an experienced user to make any changes to the website.

If your website is not created with a CMS, then you will need to make changes to the website the old-fashioned way – using an html editor. This will require even more knowledge and time commitment on the part of the website owner. You will also need to buy html editing software.

All this to say – considering website maintenance is very important when creating a new website or selecting a web designer. Most web designers don’t care what you do with your site after it is delivered to you. As long as they are paid, that is all they care about. Some web designers offer a warranty where they will do updates for 30 days or more.


Web Maintenance Package

If you’re looking for a simple website, it’s very likely that you don’t have the time or the knowledge to do the web maintenance yourself. You may want to consider my website service which is truly a web maintenance package because it includes ongoing maintenance for your website. It is a hassle-free website option created for people who want a professional website, but don’t want to do the maintenance.

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