How To Get Better ROI On Paid Search Campaigns

Sep 23, 2022 | PPC Sitelinks, Search Engine Marketing | 0 comments

You can make your paid search campaigns, also known as pay-per-click (PPC) ads, gain a better return on investment (ROI) if you know how to do it right. PPC ads strategy is essential for any business as it can help drive traffic to your site or achieve any of your marketing goals.

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Whether you’re starting an ad campaign or want to improve your current campaigns, here are some ways to improve your ROI:  

1) Add Call-To-Actions (CTAs) To your Ad Copy

CTAs can help you guide a user on the next step they may need to take. Having these is one of the best practices when creating any marketing strategy. You can learn more about such since lays it out for marketers.  

When adding CTAs, you may want to use some of these best examples:

  • Call Us Now!
  • Browse Now!
  • Buy Now!

You may notice that adding the word ‘now’ is vital as it creates urgency for the users. Your ad copy can generate more clicks by telling them what you want them to do now. And with more clicks comes more chances of converting potential paying customers.  

You may want to check their performance if you’re already running ad campaigns. If they don’t have a clear CTA, tweak or add one appropriate to your ad copy.  

2) Match Keywords To Buyer’s Journey

Keywords are essential in any marketing campaign. However, not knowing the most suitable keywords to use may only be a waste, especially if they don’t align with searches. You must know when to use the right keywords depending on your buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration, and decision.  

During the awareness stage, you must show the challenges or problems you can solve. This stage is when users are in the research mode, making it the beginning of the buyer’s journey. So, when you’re targeting people in this stage, your ad campaign should aim to educate and convert them into a lead and not to make a sale. The keywords you should use then should help people become aware of your business. For instance, hair salon reviews, how to treat fuzzy hair, and the like are some awareness keywords you can use. 

In the consideration stage, the users are now thinking about their research. Although they may not feel the urgency to buy now, they may consider buying if they see the right offer. Thus, you may want to add consideration keywords like on sale, discounts, and promotions.  

The last stage of a buyer’s journey is the decision. You may want to consider using high-intention keywords that may help convert them. Some of these are as follows:

  • Buy hair treatment products
  • Where to buy organic hair treatment products
  • Hair salon near me

3) Leverage Quality Scores 

You can enhance your ad relevancy by leveraging quality scores since they can help you determine ad rank and influence the cost of your search campaigns. There may be a lot of factors you need to consider when scoring quality scores, but some of which are as follows:

  • Ad relevance, such as to ad groups they relate to
  • Historical performance of the ads account to optimize them
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Page quality and relevance

However, you may have to evaluate your keyword organization since applicability is the primary quality score measure. Ensure that your keywords are spread out into separate ad campaigns in specific groups. To ensure consistency using these groups, align them with your landing page content. Moreover, you may want to prevent misusing your ad spending by implementing negative keywords.  

4) Block Click Frauds

While monitoring your PPC campaigns and writing excellent ads are the way to do it, you may also want to consider blocking click frauds. Click frauds can minimize your ROI as they may cause over-the-top costs and unexplained anomalies. As its name sounds, click fraud occurs when people don’t plan to do business with you, but they keep on clicking your ad. These may be done by click farms, bots, or competitors.  

Although you can request a refund after a click fraud occurs, it may still not be sufficient. That’s because your ad wouldn’t be shown when you asked for a refund. Thus, you may consider third-party services that detect click fraud. These services can help you protect and prevent it by blocking such using industry-leading algorithms. And as a result, you can maximize your ROI since competitors or bots are stopped from depleting your ad campaign budget.  


Paid search campaigns are one of the online businesses’ most effective marketing strategies. It can help you attract more potential clients as the ads are shown on the top of search engine results pages. However, you may also need to consider the tips above to get a better ROI. 

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