Key Metrics to Keep an Eye on for Your Text Marketing Campaign

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SMS marketing is the most personal way to reach out to your customers. It’s the quickest and most reliable approach for conveying your message.

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Due to its low cost, ease of use, and direct nature, text messaging provides a high return on investment. Almost everyone now has access to a mobile phone, and text messages go far more swiftly than emails or printed media. And because the average text open rate is 98%, it’s easy to see why SMS marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

However, for an SMS marketing campaign to be successful, it is crucial to monitor its performance. There are numerous measures that you can take to assess the performance of your text marketing strategy. Here is a list of five indicators you can use to improve the performance of your SMS marketing campaign.

Opt-In Rate

One of the most significant indicators of a successful SMS campaign is the rate of response. This indicator reveals how many individuals joined your SMS list by opting in or through various promotions. It’s important because it shows whether or not the enticements you used to get customers interested in what you sent them were worth it.

It measures the number of individuals who respond to an opt-in text message with a visit to a landing page, where they can make a purchase, learn more about a product, or get in touch with customer service for help. It’s the most reliable way to find out how many people are paying attention to your communications and considering purchasing your goods and services.

Average Number of Visits Per Guest

Keep in mind that the conversion rate you see represents just a small subset of the individuals who opted into receiving your messages and visited your website. The number of times a user returned to your site after getting an SMS message is referred to as “average visits per unique visitor.” This statistic can be applied to estimate the total number of information requests or SMS list subscriptions.

If your customers aren’t visiting as often as planned, you can modify your strategy to maximize the number of SMS leads and purchases. But make sure you regularly check and update the information you have regarding your customer’s contact info. 

Coupon Redeeming

Tracking the number of coupons redeemed in an SMS marketing campaign is crucial for determining the performance of your promotion. Keep tabs on how many coupons were issued and how many were used to get a redemption rate. This figure can serve as a benchmark for measuring the performance of future campaigns. Additionally, keep an eye on how quickly coupons are redeemed after an SMS is sent to see whether changing the wording or adding urgency to your expiry date improves redemptions.

Create a unique code for each promotion you run. Avoid using the same coupon for several promotions. If you’re pushing the same offer through multiple marketing channels, be sure to differentiate the code so you can evaluate how many redemptions came from SMS marketing and how many from other methods.

Recovered Revenue from Abandoned Carts

When it comes to tracking SMS campaign success, this parameter is sometimes disregarded. Effectively, you are recouping part of the money you spent on your subscriber list via coupons or discounts.

The amount of money made from sending discounts and coupons to site visitors who didn’t make a purchase is reflected in the “recovered revenue from abandoned carts” metric.

For online stores, this measure can be significant since it shows you what factors influence customers to buy and what do not. It’s a great resource for learning how to run an effective SMS marketing campaign.

Deliverability Rate

The number of messages you sent to your subscribers divided by the total number of messages you were supposed to send is your delivery rate. If your campaign consists of multiple texts, it is recommended that you combine this indicator to show the total number of successfully sent messages.

A high “deliverability rate” indicates that a large percentage of sent texts were read by their recipient. Some causes for a poor deliverability rate include:

If you’re interested in learning more about the reliability of your database, monitoring your delivery rate might be a good place to start. In order to increase your delivery rate, you can opt to remove unresponsive contacts from your mailing list. This will increase your reputation and income, in addition to improving the overall SMS metrics.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the effectiveness of your company’s SMS marketing efforts will depend on the metrics you keep an eye on. Having this data at your disposal will provide you with a clearer picture of what areas need work and where your strengths lie. It’s a crucial part of text marketing that drives engagement and boosts purchases.

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