What Is a 5 Page Website?

When investigating the need for a new website website, many people focus on the number pages on the website to determine the cost of the new site.

When I hear that a new website owner needs a 5 page website, it tells me that they are in need of a very simple website with the typical pages described below.

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What are the typical pages of a 5 Page Website?

There are a few standard pages that usually make up a simple website of 5 around 5 pages. They obviously vary greatly depending on the function and use of the website but here’s a list of the most common pages used on a basic website:

  • The Home page is the main page of the website and should communicate what your website or business is all about while linking to other important pages of the website.
  • Many individuals and small businesses have an About page that gives an overview of the individual, company, or service that is represented on the website. It’s usually a good idea to have pictures to give a visual representation of the individual or business.
  • A Products or Services page is typically used to communicate the products or services being sold or provided. This is a critical page because it is a major decision point for the visitor where they will decide if the product or service being offered is a good fit for them.
  • Some website owners who need to display a number of pictures may have a separate Pictures page to organize and display pictures.
  • A Testimonials or References page is a great way to increase confidence in your product or service being offered. On this page, you can share testimonials or references from previous customers and clients.
  • For sites that generate a lot of questions, a Frequently Asked Questions page can be useful to answer the most common questions proactively.
  • A Contact page is critical to let people know how they can get in touch with you.

Functionality Beyond The Number of Pages

Even though you need to determine the number of pages your website will have, it’s even more important to think about functionality, connections, and user experience. Using videos, commenting, social connections, and a clear call to action are a critical to increasing the interactivity of your website and the response of your visitors.


How much does a 5 Page Website cost?

If you search the web for the cost of a website, you will find many different opinions and costs for a 5 page website.

It really depends on the functionality and design you need. If you need a custom website design, you can expect to pay $500-$1,000+.

If you want to get a more exact idea of what your website will cost, you can submit the form on this page and I’ll give you an estimate. Regardless of the number of pages your site contains, a custom design will require significant work upfront in the design stage. If you are willing to use a pre-designed template, you can save a lot of money getting a simple website setup. My Complete Website Package uses professionally designed templates from Elegant Themes and my clients love the results and low cost.

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