Best Website Designs for Online Gardening Supplies & Deals

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Gardening is a calming and productive activity that many people engage in as their hobby or to produce more food. You need supplies for gardening, and there are plenty of gardening supplies websites online.

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However, many online sellers of gardening supplies suffer due to poor website design. You should ensure the design of your website is optimized to maximize traffic and, subsequently, returns.

You could evaluate well-designed websites for inspiration and get ideas for designs that may suit your site. The following website designs for online gardening supplies and deals are best:

Gardens Online

Gardening Online is a digital gardening shop and the best example of what an online gardening supplies store should be. There are thousands of products for sale on the website, and a passionate gardener will find every product or equipment they want from the site.

The site’s design is continuously updated, but the basic template remains the same. You will also find quality gardening content on the site, which you can easily get on site.

You will have to invest some money in professional design services to get a site design like Garden Online. Opening an online bank account is the best choice for making payments related to the website. Therefore, whenever you want an upgrade of your site’s design, you can easily pay the designer.

Gardening Know How

Gardening Know How is a digital publishing platform for anyone interested in gardening. The site has a lot of information about gardening, including gardening supplies and deals on gardening products.

You can get information on just about everything concerning gardening. It is a well-designed site you should evaluate primarily because of its practicality.

Gardening Know How is an encyclopedia of gardening information suitable for gardeners at all levels. If you are looking for a simple web design that is also functional, Gardening Know How is the site to see. 

The Micro Gardener

The Micro Gardener is a website mainly designed for people who want organic food. If you want to cultivate a lovely garden with nutrient-dense foods, you should visit the site as it has great deals.

The site is built on the Linux platform and is one of the best gardening sites online. What the site’s designers have done best is optimize the website for mobile.

Most people surf the internet on their smartphones making mobile optimization vital for any website designer to optimize the user experience. You can learn a lot by studying The Micro Gardener’s site design. 

Envi Earth

Envi Earth is a fantastic website geared towards nature lovers and aims to bestow a sense of responsibility to nature. The website includes precious information about animals, plants, and ecological conservation.

Part of the website is about gardening guides that help people live closer to nature. The site’s design is very functional, allowing for easy navigation.

Envi Earth’s design also makes it easy for people on the site to share information, including articles, after they have been verified. The site is hosted by Cloudflare hosting, which you should consider for your gardening supplies website. 

True Garden

True Garden is the number one vertical aeroponic food farm in the Southwest United States. The site has a lot of information about aeroponic gardening, including supplies and deals.

If you are considering starting an aeroponic gardening site, check out True Garden. The website is hosted by Intuit, which contributes to the site’s design.

True Garden has a simple and functional design which is also very attractive. It is easy to navigate, order items, and contact customer support on the site. True Garden is worth a study for anyone who owns a gardening supplies site. 

To conclude, there are hundreds of gardening websites online you can check out to get web design ideas for your website. True Garden, Envi Earth, The Micro Gardener, Gardening Know How and Gardens Online have some of the best website designs. Evaluate them to see what they do well and apply it to your gardening supplies site.

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