How to Generate ‘Piping Hot’ Leads From Webinars In 2022

May 26, 2022 | Tools & Services | 0 comments

About 53 percent of marketers agree that webinars are great for generating hot leads. With proper implementation, they can become important additions to your marketing arsenal. Here are a few ways to generate steaming hot leads from webinars in 2022.

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1) Identify Your Target Audience

The first step is to determine the type of audience you wish to target. Your webinars won’t do much if they aren’t targeted to the specific needs of your audience.

 When planning your webinar, use surveys, clients’ past buying behavior, and online research to understand your ideal buyer and everything they need. This way, you know what to provide them with. 

Create a buyer persona and stick with it. Use it to take advantage of the tech webinars ActualTech Media offers.

2) State Your Unique Solution Clearly

Here are a few important questions to ask when trying to determine how your solution could be unique:

  • What are the main takeaways for your viewers?
  • Can your viewers learn how to complete specific processes?
  • Can you offer any helpful templates or handouts?
  • Can they get the same information anywhere else?

Your webinar should be more attractive and valuable than what competitors offer. If possible, use speaker biographies, social proof, and testimonials to back up your claims. 

3) Improve Your Reach by Hosting With Partners

This is a simple move that could multiply your audience in no time. Hosting partnerships is exciting for you as well. It gives you the chance to work with brands that appeal to your audience. You get double the results with half the effort. If you are trying to generate leads on a budget, this is one of your best options. 

4) Use Engagement Features

Take advantage of engagement features to make your webinar more interesting. The biggest difference between webinars and Ted Talks is in interaction and audience participation.

However, if you aren’t careful, connecting with people virtually can be difficult. Here are a few engagement features to consider taking advantage of:

Public Chat

Use public chat to make your sessions feel like conversations. Encourage everyone in attendance to have a few thoughts or questions in the chat box. Your moderator can ask a few questions in the chat box whenever things seem to be stalling. 


Polls are always exciting. Use them to test the audience’s previous experiences with certain topics. Customize your presentation around emerging needs. 


Attendees can pose questions directly to you. They can also upvote questions whose answers they are interested in. This way, you get to address the most important questions. If you truly want to personalize the experience, ask them to pre-submit videos asking the questions. 

5) Create an Attractive Landing Page

The landing page is your webinar’s front door. It is what people see when they first access your registration form. If the front door is outdated or unable to work well, no one will want to check it out. 

The functionality of your landing page could determine the success of your event. Pay attention to the design and ensure that it is simple and free of chaos. It should effectively sell your event’s value proposition. Use a landing page that matches your general messaging. It should be mobile-optimized to look great on all devices. 

 Are you trying to generate amazing leads in 2020? Webinars are a fantastic place to start. If executed properly, they turn into informative, interactive, and interesting platforms.

They are appropriate for both new and existing customers. Webinars can help you create new relationships and improve the quality of existing ones. 

Simple tips to keep in mind include identifying your audience, using attractive landing pages, and partnering with other brands. 

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