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Network Solutions Website Builder – any good?

For those confused about the website builder offered by Network Solutions, the confusion is cleared up in this blog post. I explain which company has purchased Network Solutions and is now using their own website builder on NetworkSolutions.com

Host 10 Websites for Under $100/year?

Hosting multiple domains on a website builder can get expensive since you’ll have to pay the monthly fee for each site. A more cost-effective approach is getting a hosting account that allows multiple domains on a single account. You can host 10+ domains for under $100/year this way.

Does Your Restaurant Website Need a Makeover?

Restaurant owners aren’t always great and creating websites for their restaurants. And smaller independent restaurants often go the budget route and create a website on their own. They usually create their restaurant website without first understanding the key ingredients to making a quality restaurant website.

Web.com Website Builder – Average at best

Web.com is a giant web marketing company gobbling up website customers who are employing them to build their site and also using their DIY website builder. Reviews are overwhelmingly negative on this website builder, but I take a look to see for myself if it is good or bad. Check out my video review and more details in my post.

Google ‘My Business’ Listing OR Google Places?

Getting a Google Business listing through the Google My Business interface is pretty easy, and it’s a great way to get some exposure on Google’s first page. Follow along with my video to get your own listing setup.

Why is my Website Slow?

Slow website? You may not even realize your website is slow until you test your website’s speed. Speed is important for SEO and your visitors experience. So it’s worth your time to read this post and take a few steps to speed up your site.

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