4 Quick SEO Tips: How to Improve Your Website’s Rankings Fast

May 5, 2022 | Search Engine Marketing | 0 comments

If you are a startup, ranking in SERPs is critical to your online business success. Unfortunately, the odds of succeeding in online business will be stacked against you, considering you will be competing against companies that have been in existence for years.

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However, it is possible to eat into your competitor’s piece of the pie with innovative SEO practices. This guide highlights four SEO tips that can help you quickly improve your website’s rankings.

Don’t Be Afraid to Call in the Experts … but Do Vet Them Carefully. 

Every business owner reaping the fruits of their SEO efforts will tell you that getting results is not as it sounds on paper. It takes hours, days, months, and years of hard work. If you try juggling between getting your SEO strategy right and running your business, you are bound to have one of them failing.

The best approach is to hire an expert to help with your website’s SEO. But hiring an in-house SEO expert can be very costly, so you may want to work with an SEO consultancy company instead. 

Some of the things you may want to look for in an SEO consultancy firm include their experience, success record, white hat SEO practices, quality of links offered to clients, and loyal clients. If this feels like a lot, you can visit this Online Marketing Gurus’ website for help getting some of the best SEO experts for your website.

What it Takes to Improve Your Website Ranking 

1) Get Creative with Your Keywords

If you are a new entrant, beating businesses that have been around for decades for the most popular keywords will be a tough call. But you don’t have to beat them. You only need to be creative with your keyword choice by going for the less competitive keywords, such as long-tail keywords. 

Also, you can make a few modifications to the keywords to make them less competitive. For example, if you want your rank for “best accident attorney in New York,” you may want to go for “best accident attorney in Newyork.” 

While there will be fewer searches for the second option, your website stands a better chance of ranking for it rather than the first one.

2) High-Quality Content

Irrespective of the strategy you use to help rank your site, none can be a replacement for quality content. Factors determining the quality of content include its accuracy, relevance, backlinks, and how up-to-date it is. You can buy backlinks from reliable websites.

Quality content is more likely to have your audience staying on your site longer, impacting dwelling time, which is a ranking factor for SERPs. Also, having quality content that offers readers value means they will be likely to return to your site.

You need to create this content both for your blog and other blogs as well. As guest posting is necessary to build quality links that will boost your rankings. You can either do this by yourself or work with an agency that offers guest post packages.

3) Header Tags to Break Up Content

Breaking down your content with header tags is an excellent way of improving your site’s user experience. Most visitors skim through an article before deciding whether it offers the value they seek to get. 

A broken-down article is easier to skim and has a high chance of having the user spend more time on it. On the other hand, blocky texts are a huge turn-off and can adversely affect the time users spend on your website, thus affecting the site’s ranking.

4) Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Most of your online audience will be on at least one social media platform. This means you have to share content on social media regularly. Also, ensure you add links to your posts to help direct your audience to your site.

Also, you may want to ensure you respond to all queries and comments on your social media handles while adding relevant links to help your audiences get answers to their most pressing questions. Engaging your audience is also a great way of gaining audience trust and boosting your rankings. 

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