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WordPress Image Gallery – Solutions Without Plugins

There are many ways to create galleries in WordPress. Don’t always rush to install plugins though because you may not have to and plugins can cause unneeded complexity on your website. Check out my video on options for creating

Drop In Google Ads Click Volume? Find Out WHY in 6 Steps

Google Ads click volume naturally fluctuates up and down, but sometimes there is unusual drop in volume that isn’t normal but actually happened for a reason. In this post, I detail 6 methods to help you determine the reason for the low number of clicks in your Google Ads account.

5 Reasons Your Site Needs a Redesign, Common Questions Answered

Not sure if you need to redesign your website? Check out this list of 5 reasons that will help you understand whether or not you need a website redesign. I answer some of the key concerns that cross the minds of business owners contemplating a website redesign.

5 Tips to Optimize High Spend Google Ads Accounts

All Google Ads accounts should be optimized, but high spend accounts over $5,000 can benefit even more from some simple tips for optimizing accounts. I share tips for high spend Google Ads account in this post. Take a look and keep more money in your bank account.

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